Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Princess Does Sonoma

I'm back. Grumpy about being awake this early, but I'm back.

California was a blast. I spent the weekend drinking a copious amount of wine, eating a copious amount of vegetables (for me, anyway, who normally thrives off of pretzels and cupcakes) and talking about everything under the sun with some amazing women. We crammed a lot in, but I still can't believe it's over, and I'm back to the real world, already.

We got in on Friday night, and managed to eat some fabulous Thai food in Berkeley, before going home and crashing, like the old ladies we are. The next morning, two of the women decided to go for a run, and although I brought my running shoes, I SO did not join them because one had just completed a triathlon and one still plays competitive soccer (after having played D1 in college) and so, no thank you, because I did not feel like being humiliated. They laughed like I was joking when I said it takes me more than 12 minutes to run a mile.

So I ate bread and very expensive organic orange marmalade, instead, while I waited for them to get back.

We then toured some wineries, ate at a delicious restaurant for dinner, and a different, even deliciouser restaurant for dessert. Even though we had to tackle a waitress to finally serve us. Please, miss, let us give you money for overpriced port and a slice of whatever desserts you have sitting in the back! Please!

Then we came home, and decided to try and rally because we could not wake up feeling proud of ourselves if we had gone to bed before ten two days in a row, on our very brief reunion. So we squeezed dinner and dessert into bikinis and headed out to the hot tub where we pruned ourselves discussing all 1,400 ways that GWB has screwed this country over.

When we came in, we weren't quite ready for bed, yet, so we rented THIS movie from OnDemand, and whooo boy. You can skip that one. I was all excited for Sofia Coppola's rendition, despite the fact that I hate Kirsten Dunst with a passion. DOESN'T ANYONE ELSE SEE THAT SHE PLAYS THE SAME CHARACTER OVER AND OVER AND OVER? SHE HAS ONE TIGHT-LIPPED, HALF-ASLEEP LOOK, whether she's being dropped from a very tall building by a nemisis of Spiderman, or gambling her way through 17th Century France! IT'S LIKE BLUE STEEL, EXCEPT NO ONE SEEMS TO BE MOCKING HER!

Anyway. The movie was not really good at all. It was just a montage of amazing costume changes, which, you know, great, but find a better model than ol' Kirsten.

Sunday we went for a little hike, did some more wine tasting, had a lovely BBQ with gorgeous veggies and homemade croutons topped off with the most gooey dessert ever... and then went to bed early since we had proven our still-youngness the night before.

I flew home, yesterday, and proceeded to get a verbal lashing from Sugar about my recent absence, and then a very reluctant snuggle. Then Tatum flew at us with crazy eyes, and I almost lost a pinkie.

Life is back to normal.


hamiam said...

You gals MUST have been tired if all you could come up with was 1,400 ;-) Me no likey GWB either.

Sounds like a blast - and after hearing another gal pal's recount of a bachelorette party this weekend, I am sooooo jealous and ready for my own girls' night! Like - I-was-an-old-married-woman-before-I-could-legally-drink-and-am-feeling-the-urge-to-actually-party-just-this-once jealous...

Diane said...

Sounds like a GREAT time! I, on the other hand, spent Saturday afternoon arguing immigration with 5 Republicans . . . God, I was missing my Democrat friends . . .

Murphy said...

deliciouser?? wow. Am so glad to see validation that is a word! (seeing as I've been using it for years!!) :) So glad you has a good time...pinkie and all. Love you! M