Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's a Sign

Dear God, I could not have planned this.

But I think it is a sign.

I was screwing around, looking for a new t-shirt, and I just found THIS.

Go. Look.

I am buying one in every color, also in the hoodie and bag.

Screw the salads (thanks for the suggestions, though, some of them even sounded a little tempting) but I think I have found my mantra.


Diane said...

Ha! but you can't have salsa without tomatoes, and I love me the salsa and hot sauce!

hamiam said...

Salsa Verde = heat w/ no tomatoes, no?

And la Princesse, I think you have to buy that shirt. While I am a mater lover, little tranny fruit that it is, I know that everyone has their own fruit/veggie orientation and accept you as you are :)

Lilycurly said...

...And it's okay, really.
I love Tomatoes, but it's not like they're essential to healthy living.
In fact, I'm trying to cut on them because they are too acidic. I would love to learn how to like them less!
Any tips?lol

Kanigget said...

I've finally gotten to where I can look at a tomato without flinching, but that shirt? Is so necessary.

Marcia said...

one of my best friends had a similar shirt with the same slogan! It make me laugh even thinking about it!!

Mama P said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

v said...

I am just going to say this once. Please be open minded.

Um. Tomatoes are wonderful. And they don't hurt anybody.

You people need help.



One Step From the Edge said...

I honestly come close to vomiting whenever I see brussel sprouts. I don't even have to taste them, just see them. Do you get the people telling you to try them different ways, too. I am close to shouting "Hey, peoples, no matter what you do to those little rotten wannabe lettuce things, NOTHING WILL MAKE THEM TASTE LIKE ANYTHING BUT WRONGNESS TO ME". Sorry, I've been carrying that around with me for awhile. I wonder if they make those tomato shirts for brussel sprouts.