Thursday, June 07, 2007

Too Bad They Don't Pay Me to be a Film Critic

In an unfortunate turn of events, my company has decided that I need to WORK in order to earn my paycheck, much to the detriment of my avid blogging and e-mailing life.

However, I have persisted in my stair climbing endeavors, and my hatred for anything exercise-y is manifesting itself in odd ways. My subconscious is displeased with my persistence with the whole get-back-in-shape idea. When I go downstairs, I almost start to panic. I feel like something is chasing me, which is actually great for getting my heart rate up quickly, but not so great for the leftover nectarines from lunch, which get horribly bruised in the rapid decent. The further down I go, the more relieved I feel, since I am further and further away from my floor of origination, thereby giving myself more and more space from my pursuer. As though if somebody were to be chasing me they could only start from the 14th floor. Impossible that they’d come in on the 5th.

Crap, I shouldn’t give my subconscious ideas.

Anywhos. So… I’ve apparently gone a little crazy, another point in favor of the fact that too much work is not good for you. More wine should be consumed on the average workday. ... I decree.

The Funasaurus took me to see this movie last night, which was better than I expected, and also more serious than I expected. But in a good way. The plot was more believeable than most good summer commedies. For example, I loved Wedding Crashers, but it really was almost ruined by the lack of plot and resolution. It was mostly just a vehicle for Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s witty and humorous repartee, which, you know, is awesome, but could only have been augmented by plot or character development, in my humble opinion.

And now I have to go back to work. Please send chardonnay.


Diane said...

I have half a bottle of Kenwood Chardonnay at home, but I'm not sure I can spare it . . . Knocked Up does look good. I was a bit disappointed with Wedding Crashers, but loved the 40 Year Old Virgin

meno said...

Sending a box of the finest chardonnay that money can buy.

Angela said...

I really loved Wedding Crashers, but I think that's mainly because I went into it with remarkably low expectations. And it was a free screening.

I will now go drink a glass of wine in your honor.

Pauline said...

I agree - work is highly overrated. Perhaps you should consider training as a sommelier - think what fun work would be then!

Anonymous Boxer said...

I'm visiting through another blog... but may I say... I like this one too! Sorry you're not able to spend your days as they best fit you; emailing and blogging.

v said...

Well, at least you're enjoying work.

And yeah, getting back into shape is a pain. But once you get back into the swing of things, I bet you might even enjoy it a little. Okay, maybe the word I'm looking for is "tolerate" it. ;)

Mama P said...

I am the only person on the planet who has never seen Wedding Crashers. I will rent it this weekend. I need a laugh! Thanks for the reminder. And hang in.