Friday, June 29, 2007

Alpine Theater

I need to get to the theater more often. Last night I saw the most amazing performance. You all may remember my plug for Murphy’s blog way back in the day? She was in the process of writing a script about her life, and was using the blog as a way to get some feedback on some of the scenes. Well, the play evolved into something much bigger than those original blog posts. But it was still extremely organic and moving.

I am not much of a laugh-out-louder or crier, in general. (Well, at least when it comes to movies or theater. If I am feeling stressed at work I will sob my little heart out as undignafied-ed-ly as possible, once I am in my car on my way home.) I mean in terms of movies or book or theater. I enjoy the arts very much, but I am not usually emotionally moooooooved. However. Last night. I was guffawing out loud and fighting back tears in the first five minutes.

If you live in Colorado (which most of you don’t, and I realize that makes this post utterly irrelevant to you, but tant pis, this is moi’s blog) you must find a way to get yourself up to Breckenridge this summer and go see Crazy Bags at the Backstage Theatre. It will be so worth it, I promise you. Not only is the mountain town adorable and shop-able before hand, it is also 20 degrees cooler, and with global warming shoving the thermometer up to triple digits in June in Denver, I was thrilled to get the fuck out of here, for an evening.

So, yeah. I was back in my mountains last night. And it felt like coming home, in many ways. I miss the mountains desperately. I do not miss freezing, and scraping snow off of my car every morning. And I know my car does not miss having to 4-wheel over snowdrifts to get anywhere near the front entrance to the grocery store seven months out of the year. But I do miss the clean air. I do miss the humility that comes with standing in the shadow of a mountain that is miles away from you. I miss the thin grass, the hardy evergreens, and the bat shit crazy people.

Here’s hoping the library thing works out, and maybe there’ll be money for a quaint weekend home in the mountains, someday. I'm picturing something simple, like a little chateau.


Diane said...

Oddly enough, this plug may come in handy for me. It's a long story but it's slightly possible that I may be in Breckenridge this summer

Pauline said...

you've missed your calling - you should be a stand-up comedienne or at the very least, a stand-up comedienne's writer...

Mama P said...

Ooooh, that sounds like a blast. As a writer myself, I'm sure she appreciates your plug more than you know. Very very cool.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Diane. You MUST go, if you make it to Breckenridge. It's a sign.

Pauline, I'm flattered. Being terrified of performing, the comedienne thing probably won't work out. But I'd love to write the press release for a comedy club!

Mama P, live theater doesn't get enough plugs, in my opinion. So can I come to your show, when it's written? I promise to plug it.