Monday, October 06, 2008

Wasting Time Is Fun!

I spent the weekend at a friend’s house eating her food and having her chauffeur me around since it was her birthday. Also, she’s pregnant. I’m an awesome friend. I also managed to eat sushi and drink wine in front of her. (Hi, K! Can we still be friends?)

We also managed to take a nice little walk into downtown Louisville, only to have the heavens open up on us and we had to walk/jog home in the freezing rain. Taking a walk in the rain is not quite as romantic as one might think, particularly if one has recently applied sunscreen to one’s exceedingly pasty face and the rain proceeds to rinse said sunscreen straight into one’s eyes. After a while I was all but completely blind from the burn and unsure as to whether it was raindrops or just tears streaking down my face.

Like I said, unromantic.

I also got through a good chunk of my book this weekend. And despite my recent poo-poo-ing of vampires, I naturally suggested to my book club that we should read Dracula this month. So here I am, deeply entrenched in Transylvanian lore and dreaming about coffins and bats and whatnot. Fabulous. It’s actually a good read. Much better than True Blood, anyhow.

We also squeezed in time to go get pedicures in there. That was lovely, because we went to Ten20, a spa that focuses on feeding you Diet Coke and M&Ms instead of herbal water, or whatever. My kind of spa. While we were there, I went for it and had them paint my fingernails dark purple. If you ask The Funasaurus, they are black. But I know there was purple in there somewhere. In any case, I feel infinitely hip, like my fingers could totally fit in on The Hills. (Shout out to Wickedly Scarlett! She is quite versed on all things The Hills-y.) Not the rest of me, mind you, my hair’s kind of a disaster these days. But the ends of my digits are totally hip, baby.

I did not get any cleaning done this weekend, as I had hoped. Wouldn’t want to scuff the gothic finger look I’ve got going on, now would I? Also no getting ahead on work. It’s been a less-than-productive fall so far. I really need to suck it up and get on track. I’ve fallen into a slump. A nap-taking, Tatum-tormenting slump. (Sugar says, “hi!” She is on board with this slump, entirely.)

Any refocusing techniques out there?


Princess Extraordinaire said...

A spa that serves diet coke and M&M's?? My kind of heaven!

Diane said...

I love Dracula! If I could concentrate long enough to finish a project I'd try to think of some re-focusing techniques for you.