Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Change in Pace

Yesterday was about being in love and seeing things with googly newlywed eyes.

Today I am a jaded old married woman, and shall now snark. Snark about the DCPA, where we saw Avenue Q. The show was, as advertised yesterday, amazing. What was less amazing was their fucking ticket seller who apparently is hating on anyone in love. (Obviously, it was personal and not at all a honest mistake by a minimum-wage-making teenager hired to answer phones in the box office on weekends from 2:00-4:00.) When we called to buy the tickets, we asked where the best seats were that were left. (This was a bit of a last-minute idea.) He found two, but they were at opposite ends of the theater. We explained that it was our anniversary, and so, ha ha, we might like to sit together. He found two at the very far right edge of the mezzanine, sold them to us for quite a lot of money considering you mainly only get to see the back of puppets’ heads or their left profile.

We showed up in the theater, dressed nicely and cuddling as we walked. Until we were shown our seats. At which time we could no longer cuddle because although row FF seat 203 and 204 might sound like they are next to each other, but in fact there is actually a BIG FUCKING METAL POST between the two seats. I understand that it probably serves some structural purpose, but let me tell you just how NOT ROMANTIC AT ALL it is.

Haters. I am in the process of composing a Very Angry letter and trying not to use the word “fuck” in any of its variations… more than four times.

I am also so over True Blood. Gah, I know, how dare I. But this is my opinion. I’m actually totally fine with the vampire thing (although I’m still a little surprised that we are clinging so desperately to a Victorian metaphor for sex. Really? Is this not the 21st century where we can talk about sex openly?) it the violence that goes with it. Not the virginal blood-sucking thing so much as the rape, the gory images of corpses, and the abuse. It’s not appealing at any level to me. I think Stephenie Meyer (author of the Twilight series) was ingenious in using the vampire-thing as a vehicle for promoting abstinence in pop culture. I think HBO is just abusing it’s ability to be graphic. But I realize I am in the minority.

Also, I think they kind of overdo the foreshadowing with the protective Sam character. I think it’s enough that his dog turns up at all the wrong times, like before Sookie gets in trouble or people get murdered. I don’t think he also needs to have a picture of a watchdog looking over a little girl while she sleeps in his office AND bark in his sleep. A bit much.

Um. The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day. I shall now try to be pleasant.


meno said...

Did you sing, "It sucks to be me" on the way out??

Nick, Holly & Maren said...

Hey, happy punctuation day!

I think we should rally for the rights of apostrophes to be used correctly.


Diane said...

I know I'm in the minority but I hated Twilight. Hated it with every ion of my being . . .

On the other hand, Dead Until Dark - the first in the Southern Vampire series upon which True Blood is based was okay. I read it as part of a Southern Reading challenge, and had to write a haiku about it

Young Sookie Stackhouse

It's vampire love for her

Undead sex is best

Imez said...

Architects are a bunch of lonely haters who want everyone to be as miserable as they are, with their lonely, rickety drafting tables....

I too hate structural supports.

But I really like your blog.