Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Stay Awake Contemplating Denim

It is quarter after 11, and I am up and about right now. I am up and about right now not because I hate sleep, because I don’t. I actually adore sleep. I would happily sleep ten hours a night every night. No, I am up and about because Sugar slept her damn princess-disturb-me-and-feel-my-wrath sleep all day, upside down in the cat tree. And now she is awake. And ready to play. And make noise. Rrrrr? Poke. Poke. *ominous sound of important papers being walked upon with litter-encrusted paws*

Then I stumbled across a googly-eyed Tatum who had a bit of paper towel hanging out of his mouth. Paper towel? Seriously? Damn goat.

I am going to feed him some rusty cans tomorrow, like they do in the cartoons.

This afternoon I took some clothes that needed to be altered to a tailor. The only tailor I know, who happens to live, like, 45 minutes away. I took a brand new pair of jeans that I love but have never worn because they are just too long. I once put them on and thinking I could roll the cuffs, but I just can’t get away with the hipster look. So they have been sitting, unloved and unhemmed, on my dresser for over a month now. Finally this evening I fought the traffic and took them to this tailor, dreaming of a perfectly-denim-clad posterior, only to have her say, “Have you washed these, yet?”


“Well, I think you should wash them, first. They might shrink and I wouldn’t want to hem them too short.”


I tried to convince her I would trust her pre-washing-hemming judgment. I got ushered out the door with a, “just come back next week.”

I sulked all 45 minutes home, and made myself an enormously large cup of hot chocolate for dinner to soothe my trendy denim-less ego. Then Sugar woke up, Tatum started eating bits of garbage, and the night has kind of gone on from there. Happily, The Office was hilarious. It took about two and a half seasons, but I now love that show. Deeply.


redframe said...

Oh, how frustrating. I finally made it to an alterations place yesterday, with about 10 things needing some re-generation, and it's right up the road from me! I also have a pair of denims I love that are so long, I thought I'd only wear them with heels. But hello, I hardly ever wear heels? Okay, I'm rambling, hope you got some sleep...

D'Rae said...

Yeah, it took me all of 4 seasons to finally get into the show! I like it now though. I laughed so hard during the beginning of the show with dwight and the watermelon.

Diane said...

Have you ever caught the BBC version - - very funny.

Pauline said...

while you're watching TV, grab a thread an needle and hem, baby, hem. Think of the future stress you'll be avoiding by mastering this skill ;)