Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Torturing the Innocent (?)

It has been a busy week already, culminating in a trip to the vet’s this afternoon. You can understand, then, why I just woke up from a nap. At 6:30 at night on a Wednesday.

I was also working until 1:00 AM last night. I don’t DO 1:00 AM anymore. For any reason. Including tornados. Just come and take me away, just try not to wake me up. But there has also been yoga and cake (though not at the same time, but what a class that would be) and so not all of my schedule has been horrid.

The capper was just the vet today. I have been unhappy with the vet I’ve been using recently, so I took the cats back down to a sweet little cats-only place south of the city. Of course, it meant a longer car ride for my two darlings, who took it upon themselves to sing the feline death march the whole way down. They were all but hoarse when we got there.

The vet got to Tatum first, and he unleashed The Eyes of Sadness and oh! But I was ready to cuddle him and promise him nothing but mice forever more. Fortunately, the vet had her Doctor Googgles of Imperviousness and still managed to stick a needle in his (apparently overweight, but are we surprised?) butt THREE TIMES. Tatum was… displeased.

Then there was Sugar. After her last trip to the vet, she had figured out really quickly that a vet’s office is not a place she cares to be, and in no way was coming out of her carrier. That kitty should be a rock climber the way she can hang onto nothing when turned upside down! With multiple hands and a lot of “Here kitty kitty”’s, she was finally on the table. And began her Sugar Moan of Hatred, which sounds a bit like a fire engine. Dying. Teeth were bared, hissing was the backup to the hatred moaning, and Sugar gave the vet what for.

Then we went home and things are back to normal, although The Funasaurus is getting more love than usual while I am being rather ignored. I get the message. We shan’t be going back to the vet anytime soon. Well, except in December. When they go in for teeth cleaning. Mwah-ha-ha-ha.

And you wonder why I’m exhausted.


Shooting Star said...

Hmm, I would say I'm sort of sorry for contributing to the 1 a.m. work night for you, but seeing as how I also contributed to the wine earlier in the evening, and that was oh so much fun, I'm not really toooooo sorry after all. :) Thanks for the sacrifice in order to have time to chat and catch up!

Diane said...

Fortunately, since we're spending alot of time at the Vet's these days, Hanna LOVES to go visit her adoring fans. They give her lots of cookies and tummy rubs, and that is enough to compensate for the poking and prodding.

Celia said...

Your cat descriptions are so true to life and hilarious it's awesome. I love how you find EXACTLY the right words to describe things like "The Eyes of Sadness".
Somehow my husband has figured out how to be the one that always picks them up from the vet so I'm the mean one who takes them and he's the savior.

Christie said...

My cat pees all of the carrier, so they have to bathe him every time. And he has to be put to sleep every time because he pees while he's getting cleaned if he's awake. That damn cat costs a fortune. I'm so glad I left it with my dad when I left for college.