Friday, February 01, 2008

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

So far this month I have:

* Woken up with a sugar hangover (thanks to a cupcake fest yesterday with the one and only, Shooting Star, who was kind enough to indulge a very severe cake and icing craving I was having [despite the fact that she’s the one who’s pregnant] and drive for 45 minutes in rush hour traffic to check out a new cupcake store.)

* Had a yogurt container explode all over:

a) the inside of my purse

b) the upholstery in my new (GAH!) car

* Made plans to brave the skier traffic and go snowshoeing this weekend

* Seen a former coworker advertise her burlesque show, and wow, that was a lot of former cube mate sequins and tush for 9:00 AM

That’s about it. But I am damned sure glad it’s Friday. Methinks there is vino in my near future. … I wouldn't say I am prophetic, so much as borderline-alcoholic.


Yoga Gal said...

Vino is great for your heart and health.

Ramblin' Red said...


Those yogurt explosions are nasty, aren't they? Had one in my purse not too long ago.

Have fun snowshoeing!

April said...

Where is this cupcake shop?? Ever since I moved here four years ago, I have wanted to open a cupcake shop because Denver didn't have one. I guess someone finally beat me to the punch! I'm also pregnant and too tired to do almost anything, BUT I think I'm going to have to make a cupcake run today!

It's fun to read another Denver blogger- there aren't too many!

Lily said...

I love that word!
For some reason, I associate it immediately with Dita Von

Also a Yogourt explosion seems totally nasty! Make sure you've got every little drop, because your car will stink worst then two weeks old tofu in a few days.haha!

Diane said...

cupcakes, yogurt, vino and burlesque - it seems to me you've covered all the bases!

Angela said...

Ooooh... cupcakes...

I hope you had a marvelous weekend!

Princess in Galoshes said...

Yoga gal: I agree!

Red: It was a mess. I am never bringing yogurt again.

April: It's in the Highlands. (Not to be confused with Highlands Ranch, way down south.) There's also a place that's gotten better reviews called "YumYum" which is in the Pavillions, and I hear there's ANOTHER place opening up soon called "Lovely Confections" that is supposed to be the best, yet. Hooray! (And thanks for stopping by!)

Lily: I love the word, too. It's fun to write, burlesque, burlesque, burlesque... n'est-ce que pas?

Diane: It was quite the start to the weekend, I'd say.

Angela: Hope you had a good weekend, too!

Ramblin' Red said...

Tag you're it...

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Oh my goodness! Do you also say "Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits" on the first of every month? I love it!