Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Season of Pleasure

On Monday night I met a girlfriend for Ethiopian food. It was, in a word, divine. I adore Ethiopian food, give me unidentifiable spicy mush on spongey, sour bread and I am a happy, happy girl.

The Funasaurus, on the other hand, does not exactly share my passion. Nay, he is more of a carnivore than omnivore, being repulsed by most any food-thing bearing a tinge of green. (Sour apple Jolly Ranchers excluded.) He also has a pointed aversion to some food-ish textures, particularly foods that fall in the nebulous gray area between “solid” and “liquid.”

Sadly, this means custard is out. Stew and most soups are poo-poo-ed. Jell-O is nasty and chocolate mousse induces his gag reflex. (WTF, Funasaurus?)

Anyway, you can see how an entire meal made up of unidentifiable variations of green mush piles is not really... Funasaurus-ideal.

But The Funasaurus was off to a meal at Outback (much more Funasaurus-appropriate) and my good friend who is a fellow foodie took me up on my suggestion to drive waaaaay out to the middle of nowhere strip mall (I stand by my conviction that the best food in America can be found in strip malls, normally squished between a laundromat and a bingo hall/Radio Shack) where we ate ourselves silly. She even let me order kitfo, which may be my favoritest food ever. EVER.

That, or dark meat chicken McNuggets… but since those are no longer available….

So Monday was pure bliss, and while kitfo often makes Ethiopian night + 12 hours a gurgly mess in my stomach, I did not have to visit the bathroom unexpectedly once on Tuesday, making the whole venture a raging success.

Then I braved the psychotic, tinsel-inducing freak show that is the mall parking lot, and went shopping last night. Mostly for Christmas gifts, but also I may have made a little detour through Anthropologie, my favoritest store ever. AndspenttwiceasmuchonmyselfasIdidonanyoneelse. I have an upcoming conference in January, and I recently came to the conclusion that despite a very large, overstuffed closet, I have Nothing to Wear. At All. Amen.

And it has been quite a long time since I went shopping for myself, especially for business-appropriate wear. I may have gone a little crazy. I may have found a hot dress, a darling sweater, and an even darling-er sweater. And also four or five shirts and one pair of pants that had a red pen stain on them but ohmylord they were originally priced at $138 and marked down to $29.99 so how could I not get them oh and also a belt and then I made friends with the sales girl and she gave me her e-mail address and I invited her to my New Year’s party.

Do run-on sentences make you breathless, as they do me?

I think it all just might have given me a little orgasm. I am a very, very satisfied material girl. I almost had to have a cigarette, walking out of the mall. Spread the cheer! ‘Tis the hap, happiest season of alllllllllllllll!

Much love and kitfo to you and yours.


Audrey/SangriaLover said...

to go along with your strip mall restaurant theory, a sure way to spot the best mexican restaurants is to look for the ones in shabby, kinda ghetto buildings, where the parking lots are always overflowing with cars.

Angela said...

There's an Ethiopian restaurant that we drive by fairly regularly and I've always been quite curious. Now that it has your ringing endorsement, we'll have to try it out!

Also, Anthropologie... I love it so. But seriously, WHY are their clothes so expensive? I don't understand. Thank God for sales racks.

meno said...

MMmmm, kitfo. Think we need to go out tonight for dinner.

Pauline said...

I'm with the Funasaurus - give me a rare (but cooked) steak and I'll graciously let you eat my share of kitfo. The Fun, in turn, can let me eat his share of custard and jello :)

Happy holidays to you both!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

You're right baout the best restaurants being in strip malls - the ones that really have the most traditinal food to offer at the best prices...I am much like you and get off on shopping - I did a little of that while I was online shopping for everyone else..haha..that's just my cover!

Christie said...

I think reading the description of kitfo induced my gag reflex. Sorry, raw meat just doesn't do it for me.

It sounds like you are feeling better! Shopping at the mall these days makes me angry. I just want to barrel through and hurt people. It's best I stay away. That, plus the restraining order the mall has on me. But whatever. I didn't want to go there anyway.

Lily said...

But I love run-on sentences!:)

As for "spicy mush on spongey, sour bread " and Ethiopian restaurants...I have to admit, I never ate Ethiopian food that I know of! Shame on me! But now you make me wanna. Baba Gannouj Ethiopian? Because I adore that spicy mush.

Also, I need to go shopping, I can't find time! You're pretty lucky to have found all these before the Holidays...I don't even know if I'll be brave enough to face the Mall tomorrow night. The crowd is going mad and it'll just escalate until the 24th at 5 PM, when it is total insanity.
And then there's Boxing Day....*sigh*, and I need clothes, just like you, I don't have anything to wear in that super full wardrobe of mine.

Diane said...

I must admit I have never sampled Ethiopian food . . . and glad to hear you deservedly replenished your wardrobe

Princess in Galoshes said...

Audrey- I totally agree. What's your favorite place in the Springs?

Angela- Ethiopian's maybe not for the faint of heart, but it's wonderful food, if done correctly! Also, yeah, even when indulging, I try to limit myself to the sales rack at Anthropologie. Eeeek.

Meno- So did you go out?

Pauline- Hee hee, you're like Jack Sprat to us both! Happy holidays to you, too.

Princess Extra- It's a princess thing, I think. The rush of the purchasing of Cute Stuff. :-)

Christie- Thank goodness for internet shopping, eh? And I SO want to hear this story of how the MALL took out a restraining order on you.

Lily- I think Baba Gannouj is Lebanese... or something? Ethiopian is different, but very tasty. I recommend trying it at least once, preferably with someone who knows what to order.

Diane- Oh, but you MUST find an Ethiopian restaurant somewhere and try it. It's so yummy.

meno said...

yep, but we ate Italian. The rest of my family are no fun.