Friday, December 07, 2007

Deck the Halls with Scotch Tape

It’s painful, really, how unexciting my life is these days. It finally looks like it’s going to snow at any second, which’d be nice, what with it being December, and WTF, Denver, with all the 70 degrees and whatnot? That’s not very Christmas-y of you.

(Though it is nice for tromping through the parking lot after dark- feels less ominous, somehow, when you don’t have to zip up your jacket.)

I am ready for Christmas! I hung lights, (yes, me! In clogs! Balancing on the hand railing, 12 feet above cement! Totally OSHA compliant… in BACKWARDS world.) have forced The Funasaurus to listen to Christmas carols, (although some people [*cough*CelineDion*gag*] should not be allowed to remake ANY holiday music) and wrapped pretty, red, fuzzy ribbon around our columns outside, to make them look like candy canes. And I used the ever-popular outdoor adhesive: scotch tape to stick them up there.

And then I was surprised when they fell down into little red fuzzy ribbon lumps.

I also commandeered The Funasaurus’ sister’s wreath, that her company sent her, and put it on our front door. Seeing as how she’s living with us rent free, I figured I had some say in what to do with the large box oozing pine needles and sap that was sitting in my living room. She tentatively suggested putting it on our coffee table as a centerpiece, and I took one look at the googly-eyed, mouse-deprived Tatum who was eyeing the pinecones with pure lust, and tried not to laugh in her face too hard.

I’m full of Christmas joy!

Anywhos, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Preferably after I get home, tonight, and don’t have to drive anywhere. But I’d be o.k. with a few flurries this afternoon, too. It just completes the feel.

Also, our annual New Year’s Eve party is fast-approaching, and we have yet to pick a theme. Generic, Happy New Year is the fall-back, but we prefer to go with something snazzier. Like last year we did a James Bond theme, what with it being 007. (2007.) So we had old black-and-white Bond films playing in the background right up until the countdown, and had a costume contest with prizes. And, naturally, martini makings.

Any suggestions for 2008? Winning ideas shall receive an invite to our fab, fab party (who am I kidding, I don’t care who you are, please come! We like people! There will be lots of alcohol!) and also lots of love from me.


Ryan said...

You should do an Eight is Enough themed party. I bet you could get Dick Van Patten to show up.

Don't trust anything made by Scottish people.

meno said...

Lots of alcohol? And lots of love? I'm there baby!

Lily said...

If you want, I'll give you half of the snow we`ve got here. Life just isn`t fair!;)

Diane said...

I was just planning on drinking champagne at home, alone, with my dogs, so I'm available!

How about a construction trade theme? You and the Funasaurus can go as a brick and a brick layer

Pauline said...

Well, thanks and I'd come except I'm busy looking for the scotch tape...

how about a behind the eight ball party?

Marcia said...

My mom just convinced me to come out to Colorado next week. I wish she wanted me to come to the condo in Denver instead of G.Junk, because then I'd get to see you!

And, she was also complaining on the phone about the lack of snow in the mountains. You Coloradans are all the same!

hamiam said...

well, we've got our snow :)

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Hmmm..what about a Great Gatsby themed party? The band would play great music and dressing would be fun!

Princess in Galoshes said...

Ryan- Heh. And no, you have a good point. The damn Scotch (Scottish?) tape fell down again.

Meno- Please come.

Lily- We finally got ours! :-) Hope yours has melted.

Diane- Dirty! But funny. You should totally come. We will have champagne, too, just no dogs.

Pauline- I like it! I hope you have a happy New Year's wherever you end up.

Marcia- Well, we finally got our snow. Are you on the Western Slope this week?

Ham- We did. And I love it!

Princess Extra- Awesome idea! I would totally go for it! The question is whether I can get The Funasaurus into a dapper suit.... Also, we can't really afford a band, but I'll see what iTunes has!

Anonymous said...

You should do an English Patient theme. Set it up with a cave and some people can be wrapped up like mummies. Sounds great right..