Thursday, December 13, 2007


Y’all should have taken me up on my bet, yesterday!

Not two full hours after writing that post, taunting the universe (I never learn) I felt the familiar, mucus-y burn of post-nasal drip. (Ha ha, aren’t you pysched you came here to read THAT!)

It has escalated into random bouts of sneezing and glass-shards-in-my-throat feeling, and oh, damn you, viruses everywhere. Nobody loves you, and you will get coal in your slimey little viral stocking.

Who’s pouting about her sniffles?


Angela said...

Oh man! I hope you feel better soon!

As of today I've used up all of my sick days, so starting tomorrow I'm not allowed to get sick for 9 months. We'll see how that goes ;)

Christie said...

I never get a flu shot, ever. I would rather get the flu than suffer through a shot. My husband thinks that is weird, but guess what, I'm a mommy and those kids are full of germs, so I'm going to get every disgusting thing kids get whether I get a flu shot or not. But I'm sorry you feel sick. Mommy advice: warm tea with lemon (apple cider for kiddies) and some toast with honey. I think my kids play sick to get that.

Pauline said...

feel better. drink lots (no, water, silly)

a mental pic of little viruses getting everything their hearts (?) desire in their stockings for doing a good job

I get an allergic reaction to the flu shots so I have to risk getting sick - and then I'm allergic to most manmade meds. When I do get sick I have to die and resurrect

hamiam said...

I always get a flu shot. I still get colds. But the one year I didn't get a flu shot? I got I always get the prick-followed-by-stiff-arm combo.

As for betting - I am not much of a gambler, but I DO love me some opportunity for:

I told you so!

:ducks and runs, hollering, get better soon:

Lily said...

Oh no! So the Echinacea wasn't strong enought this time...
I'm so scared of getting it, I've been on the line the whole week, with 6 out of 8 daycare kids constantly dripping and sneezing and caughing everywhere.
It's a germ and bad-mood party. And parents are Oh too busy to keep the poor miserable things home.
Hang in there, and don't stop the Echinacea, it might be gone quicker.

Lily said...

God, sorry about all the typos....I wish we could edit the comments, I feel so middle-school.

Diane said...

My recipe to make you feel better

To a sauce pan add -

apple juice/cider
cinnamon sticks
lemon juice and sliced lemons
lots of honey

warm, then add to a cup, along with a healthy jigger of Capt Morgan's Spiced Rum

You'll thank me!

Princess in Galoshes said...

Angela- Oooh, good luck with that. How's that commute treating ya?

Christie- So you're not really into acupuncture? ;-) I've been drowning myself in tea with honey, fwiw.

Pauline- That's scary. What caused that allergy, do you know? At least you haven't been pumped full of chemicals all your life.

Ham- Plbthbthbthbth

Lily- Keep pumpin' that echinacea, man!

Diane- That sounds delic. I need to procure me some cinnamon sticks.

Yoga Gal said...

I feel your pain! I'm feeling like rot gut myself.