Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jane Would Have Gotten a Flu Shot

We had our first book club meeting on Monday, to discuss Persuasion. The discussion was the perfect mix of literary, “The mood was very autumnal,” (go us with the big words that we all pilfered from the introduction!) scientific, “Second-cousins means your grandparents were cousins, but you are from the same generation, whereas ‘once removed’ refers to a difference in generation, ie: your mother’s cousin is your first cousin, once removed,” and gossipy, “I am having this romantic tryst with this guy I was in love with but then he got married but now he’s divorced I think and I’ve only ever met him for a week at a time because we met on a mission trip and he lives on the other side of the country. But I’m flying out to see him for the first time in ten years before next book group, so I will let you know what happens.”

Plus, I made mulled wine, and while other folks in the group daintily sipped a small cup, or just drank the tea I provided (come on, how are you not going to serve tea at a discussion of a Jane Austen novel?) I was chugging the mulled wine like it was a competition. So the discussion seemed very smart to me, especially by the time I was seeing double.

I got my wish and it snowed quite a bit over the weekend and yesterday, and Mother Nature laughed at my wish for Slippery Cold Variations on Water before changing out my summer tires for my studded snow tires. But I showed her, I sent my boss an e-mail bright and early saying, “Please, sir, may I work from home, today?”

And he wrote back, “Absolutely. I just went out to run to the store, and the roads are shit, I’d rather you not be out there.” So wOOt wOOt (official Word of the Year, according to Merrriam-Webster) I stayed in my pajamas all day yesterday, and I found it vaguely conducive to working.

And also napping.

Does anyone else feel like the days are even shorter than normal? I mean, is North America getting even more north-ish, or something? Because I think there’s all of about two hours of daylight, anymore, before it starts to get dark again and I am sleeping on average ten hours a night, and I am still able to take naps, here, folks!

On the other hand, this is the first year I have not gotten the flu, by now. Nor any little cold and sniffles bug that seems to be going around. I also did not get a flu shot.

Want to take bets on if I just jinxed myself?


Lily said...

OH! Mulled wine is yummy! Now I want to make myself a batch to drown my sorrows in a comforting way.:)

And thank you for enlightening me about this second-cousin twice or thrice removed thing. I read the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy without being really sure of what it meant.

You are so lucky to be abble to work from home! The snow keeps pilling up here. I vote for your theory that the days are also shorter then usual...*They* must be hidding something from us.

Kitchen Witch's miracle Flu cure?? Echinacea drops! As soon as you begin to start to feel the tiniest sign of Flu. Take them, 2-3 times a day. It will kill the bug. Beleive a girl who works at a daycare!

(PS. Princess,to learn about the unfortunate *situtation*, see the comments from previous entry at my blog. I explain a bit there, nobody reads my comments, so it's a safer place.;P)

Angela said...

Your book club sounds so FUN!!

And how nice that you were allowed to work from home. I have no idea how I would be able to manage that--I'd have to take home all of the filing cabinets with me each night, and I think that would get tiresome at some point.

hamiam said...

Sounds deliciously feminine and smart.

I had no idea that Woot was actually W00t...those techies are taking on everything!

Christie said...

Is it hard to make mulled wine? Can I just buy it already made? I was going to make lemoncello for Christmas this year, but feared I would drink it all myself. Plus, you can buy that stuff already made in a liquor store. So why bother?

meno said...

I love Persuasion. I love mulled wine. I could so beat you in a mulled wine competition.

Lydia said...

The question I have is what do you call your first cousin's children? That's been my dilemma.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Lily- Have you made mulled wine, yet? I've totally been pounding the echinacea! (Although in pill form, not drops. Do you think there's a difference?)

Angela- It's an AWESOME book club. I highly recommend starting one! :-)

Ham- I didn't know, either, if it makes you feel any better.

Christie- It's pretty easy to make, I don't know if you can buy it pre-made, or not. But you just get some mulling spices (same spices as for making cider) brew them on the stove for about 20 minutes, pour the extra water out, and then just pour a bottle of wine over them and let it heat on the stove. Muy yummy.

Meno- That's a dare. And it's so on. When are you coming to Colorado?

Lydia- They would be your first cousin, once removed. (One generation of difference.)

Lily said...

I have made Mulled Wine last Christmas...I have yet to find the energy and will power to make some this year.;)
Yes, Echinacea is great in all it's forms, but I prefer the drops, for psychological reasons. It's just that I can actually *feel* the nastiness of the drops go down my throat and envision them killing all the flu