Friday, December 21, 2007

Princess vs. The Snow

So here I sit. The bags are packed. The presents are wrapped and stacked, sitting on the kitchen table. Work is done, reports were sent, FedEx should pick up any second. The plan is to leave… soon-ish. We’re driving in to the mountains, to see a Christmas show, friends, and a quaint ski town.

Naturally, this is the first time in three weeks that the forecast is calling for snow. The flurries are falling, and threatening to grow heavier and thicker with each passing second. The universe, as always, can faintly be heard going “neener-neener-neener, sucka.”

The Funasaurus is still working, and Discount Tires’ wait list to put on snow tires grows longer with each fucking snowflake.

I have comfort-eaten my fair share (as well as The Funasaurus’ fair share) of all the varietals of chocolate that have made their way into our house this holiday season. Paired with the artic winds, dry air, and also maybe a few glasses of alcohol, my face has become dry and peel-y, as well as breaking out much the same way a 16-year old boy’s would after a Stuffed Crust Pizza.

It’s sexy.

I take solice in my newly reddened hair and darling new sweater.

The angle from whence you see the least amount of said acne, and also how THRILLED I am at having my picture taken this close-up.

On a model with considerably better skin and wearing a much cuter blouse. I am just not sure I will ever be cool enough to pull of yellow ruffles.

Anywhos. Please do your best Sun Dance for me, The Funasaurus, and my darling sweater. And also for my poor little Honda, seeing as how The Funasaurus’ car (you know, the one with all-wheel-drive) is in the shop. Or, at the very least, (or, perhaps, preferably) please do a little, May There Be Tasty, Tasty Wine, Wherever You End Up Dance.



audrey said...

I'll do the wine dance and the snow dance for you. And maybe a little bit for me, too. Hope you have a fun weekend!

Lily said...

Oh my GOD! I love that hair color on you!
I end up looking so blotchy when I dare to try this kind of beautiful red.

As for the snow...well, ok, I'll do a little sundance for you guys. But know that over here, we had another 40 cm last Monday, and this is on top of the first 35 from two weeks ago. You can actually see a few little mountains along the streets and realize that there are cars under there. Insane!

Pauline said...

Dancing madly here, flinging ribbons and chocolate about with abandon and wishing you happy, wine-filled holidays.

Do a little anti-freezing rain dance for me, wouldja?

hamiam said...

Your hair looks fabulous, but I am partial to red that way, lol.

As for your skin issues - tis the season for adult dermatologic woes - I feel your pain.

Hope you got to the mtns. We did - just were slow and steady and voila! We are in Craig, CO.

Diane said...

Love the hair color, and love the sweater! I have loads of nice wine at the house and will toast the weather gods to give you god weather!

v said...

I, too, will be sending Sun vibes your way. Hope yall get some skiing in.

Happy Xmas and have a merry New Year!

Yoga Gal said...

Have a great time!

Marcia said...

Sweetheart. You are SO cool enough for yellow ruffles.


I love your reddened hair!

Snark Scribe said...

I'll do a feeble sundance because I'm feeling a bit bloated. It may have something to do with the giant hamburger-shaped marshmallow I got for Christmas, but who can be sure?

Have a great new year!