Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sugar Is the New Chardonnay

(And when I say, "Sugar" I mean "the yummy stuff" not "the emo cat who is currently having a conversation with herself in the corner.")

This weekend I discovered the most lovely little place. ...And when I say, “I discovered” I mean, “my friend K drove and led me to.”

It is a glorious, old-fashioned candy store on Pearl St. in Boulder, and we must have stayed in there for at least an hour. There was music playing- all sorts of songs containing the words “candy” and “sugar” and Willy Wonky (the original, and dare I say, better, version) was playing on repeat in the back, amidst tubs of taffy. There was ice cream and licorice, yes, but there were also all sorts of old fashioned candy that I haven't seen in ages. Such as caramel creams and Neapolitan coconut thingies. There were kids in the candy store, but I feel a more dramatic phrase might be, “adults remembering their childhood in the candy store.” Because holy cow, those kids did not stand a chance between the adults re-living the joys of candy cigarettes and candy buttons, via shoving and trampling of anything that got in their way.

There was even an oversized Kermit the Frog pez dispenser, which I loved very much, but was unable to purchase per my maxed-out credit card. (Note to self: must find job, if for no other reason than direct depositing new wages into newfound candy store.) However, I was able to afford Candy from Strangers (a small box of mints labeled just-so) with the leftover change in my wallet.


Also, a grow-a-kitty. I mean, how could I not? It's pink. And a kitty. And looks like this.

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(Yes, that is a grow-a-monkey next to it, which I obviously had to get for The Funasaurus.)

We opened them, excitedly, to begin the growing process last night. They are supposed to grow 600%! That should be huge! However, they currently have not grown larger so much as grown TUMORS because they are still sitting in their bowls of water, kind of... bubbling.

Kitty isn't pretty, these days.

I then went to happy hour with a girlfriend, The Bee (a name that is only funny to ME, but, ha ha, that rhymed!) last night, who just got back from a trip to Israel where they make fantastic chocolate. Chocolate that explodes in your mouth. Seriously. It has pop rocks in it.

She showed me some pictures. They were beautiful. She had some religious revelations there. I nodded through her story, still consumed with the revelations going on in my mouth. All I have to say is, WOW.

So beyond my regular daily diet of a super-sized bag of Cadbury mini eggs, I have been having quite a bit of sugar, recently. And now my heart is kind of doing funny things. But it sure has been tasty. I am glad for Israeli chocolate and the candy store, it will make the end of the Easter season more bearable.


M-M-M-Mishy said...

I think my blood sugar spiked just by reading your post! The store sounds magical, but dare I say it, not as magical as exploding chocolate. Yum Yum!

The cat and monkey are totally bad ass.

v said...

What Mish said, lol. And sorry to hear about the Cat and Monkey not growing like they should. I'll admit it, I'm a little sad that they didn't grow. ;(