Friday, April 06, 2007

Film Me Being Lazy

Today is an overcast, rain-y-ish day in Colorado. We have, like, two of those a year. I kind of like the coziness of a rainy day, except for the fact that it turns me in to a slug.

I woke up with The Funasaurus, saw him off to work, and since then have done... nothing. I have a “to-do” list, but it doesn't look very fun. There is a yoga class I could go to at noon, and part of me wants to go, and part of me really doesn't. Part of me is thinking about the warm, heated studio, and part of me is thinking about my warm, comfy bed. Part of me is thinking about looking less flabby for the wedding, and part of me is thinking about the fact that we need to re-stock our Cadbury mini egg supply quickly, because Easter is almost upon us.

Yoga would require moving, and today is really lending itself to a stay-in-pajamas-and-maybe-make-some-extra-chocolate-y-hot-chocolate-type mentality.

Plus. I have some playing to do. Because I am a spoiled, spoiled princess, mom and dad took us out to a yummy sushi dinner last night, and gave me my birthday present a little early. (I fully endorse the idea of the Birthday Week. Draw out the fun a little, by gosh.) The Very One I've Been Coveting. But have not been able to purchase on my own, due to the current employment status issue. That being the severe lack of said employment. So yes. Watch out, world. I'm coming to film you in a make-you-nauseas-à-la-Blair-Witch-Project type way! So me and my pajamas are kind of also interested in skipping yoga to film our toes and occasionally bits of the cats when I manage to find them in the viewfinder.

I filmed The Funasaurus watching T.V. last night, and I thought it was all cute and romantic, getting a nice close-up of his yummy big brown eyes. And then he turned to me (whoa, need to learn how to zoom out, faster!) and goes, “Baby, you know who you remind me of?”

I waited for: “Spielberg.”

I got: “That creepy guy from American Beauty. Put that thing down.”

Oh yeah? Well. Now your zit got it's own close-up, Mr. Funasaurus. Take that.

And I wonder why I didn't get kisses.


meno said...

Wow, nice present! Your parents really love you. Happy Birthday Week!

patches said...

She who holds the camera rules the world!

v said...

Yeah, Happy B-Day Week! And congrats on your way to becoming an auteur.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Birthdays are awesome! Happy happy.

Also, as soon as I read "Cadbury Mini Eggs" I reached over to my bed-side table, opened the drawer, and popped two eggs in my mouth. I'm addicted too!

Anonymous said...

What's this about you getting the same job as me? I haven't read all the threads, though I did learn that your birthday is coming up. j/k. If I could just get your number I would totally call and sing Happy Birtday to you. Can you please post it on here. Thank.

Mama P said...

How cute are you? Much better photo. I swear, we women of blog deserve a "blog photo make-over" on Oprah. Or some cable show in Witchita. Either is good.

Pauline said...

Happy Birthday Week! Hope you and your pajamas had a lazy, stay-in day. Tell that Funasaurus he's not living up to his name ;)