Tuesday, April 24, 2007

If Only It Rained Chocolate

Colorado is currently undergoing a storm of biblical proportions. Colorado-ly speaking. This would be a typical mid-August rain shower in Delaware, but in Colorado, where rain has to fight to make it to the 12-minute mark before petering out, this now going on 30-hour stint is quite epic.

The downpour is constant, although the temperature is dinking around about 30 degrees, debating between rain and snow, going back and forth all day.

This, after our lovely 70 degree afternoons.

Naturally, The Funasaurus had a flight to catch this morning. I dithered and fretted (because I prefer antiquated verbs for my anxiety, it makes it seem more delicate, somehow, don't you think?) about de-icing and turbulence and whatnot, and indulged in a mid-day T.V. break, which I don't normally do. I was in the middle of a marathon show about weddings because, hi, I'm really addicted to all things wedding-y these days, and it's like theknot.com without the hassle of clicking on all the links, when suddenly the phone rang, and it was The Funasaurus, all, “I've arrived on the east coast! I'm off to get dinner!” and I think, “That cannot be, it takes many hours for one to travel to the east coast,” and then I looked at the clock, and realized THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I DO NOT WATCH T.V. during the day because, goodbye! seven hours of my life that I will never get back.

Damn you, wedding programming.

Then my brother called and informed me of an atrocity within our government (shocker) and I absolutely implore you to visit this site immediately and write to your local congressman, or the FDA, or Ol' George or whomever, because we have sunken to new lows, as a society, considering letting faux chocolate pass for the real thing.

(Faux weapons of mass destruction reports, faux civil liberties, and faux health “care” aside.)

What a disturbing day, altogether. Fortunately, my electricity remains intact, unlike the rest of Denver, so I am able to spread the good chocolate word, and do my part.

But, should the electricity go out, do not fret, dear reader (SEE? Much more delicate) for I am well stocked in candles, pretzel rods, and vino. Phew.


Diane said...

How low will people go? Faux chocolate? My god! :-) I have no doubt these evil forces will be defeated by the outraged masses (me included!)

BTW - nice use of dithered and fretted . . .

Leah said...

Tv is much like MySpace and Facebook.......sucks you in and doesn't let go until you've spent all of your time there. But what joy it brings!

Leah said...

The torn up bed doesn't suck as much as the broken wine glasses!!!!

We are up for AI next week if you are!!! My test is May 5 but I am sure I will need a study break next Tuesday! Miss you guys! Did you watch last night?