Monday, April 09, 2007

A Rather Decadent Life

This weekend the weather went from being all nice and balmy to crap-tastic and snowy. Not being one to let a few flurries get in my way, I went down to get my hair cut, and while I was at it, some highlights. I asked my stylist to switch it up a bit, I needed something to brighten my mood. Why not purple?

My hair now reminds me a bit of a color best suited for a... erm.... French strumpet, shall we say?

Mom decided not to comment, when we went out for our annual Easter brunch. I am loving it, though, trying my best to channel my Euro Floozie side.

(So far, gorging myself on cheese and bread seems to have done the trick.)

My girlfriend M and I were going to go to an Easter service bright and early (and when I say “bright and early” I mean, “really fucking early and not bright at all, because the sun doesn't come up until at least 6:00 and we were planning on getting there at FOUR O'CLOCK A.M.”) at Red Rocks, which would have been a gorgeous setting, had we been able to keep our eyes open long enough to see it. On Saturday M called me, all, “Oh, Cat. I'm SO sorry, but the service was canceled, due to the weather.”

“Gee, that's too bad,” I said, sending a silent prayer of thanks to the snow gods. So I got to sleep in until about 7:00 on Sunday, instead, and then The Funasaurus and I picked up his mom and sister, and we drove up to the mountains for brunch in a blizzard.

We met my parents, who had the brilliant foresight to order us a bottle of champagne, so we warmed up quickly and had a nice time stuffing ourselves silly.

We waddled out to the car and drove home, and spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch digesting and talking about how we really must do this more often! And also: we never want to eat again... but oh by the way, what do you guys want to do for dinner?

Now it's back to the work week... and the on-going hunt for the perfect temp job. Somewhere out there, (preferably within five miles of my neighborhood) there has to be someone who wants to pay me $20/hour to sip champagne and discuss bad chick lit, right?


Diane said...

If you find that job, please let us know! I went out to Easter Brunch too, and was quite pleased with my Easter-y outfit until it started to rain . . .

Esereth said...

There were so many good band names in this entry.

"French Strumpet"

"Euro Floozy"

"Why Not Purple?"

"Brunch in a Blizzard"

patches said...

I guess hunting for eggs was out of the question with all that snow. The temperature always seems to drop in time for Easter. Seventy one day, forty the next.

meno said...

I am sure that there is someone out there who wants to pay you $20 an hour to sip champagne and discuss bad chic lit, but they probably want you to have sex with them too.

You can do better!

hamiam said...

Well...your new profile pic has you looking so Hepburn and not Euro're going to have to back it up, girl, with a pic :)