Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Princess Needs More Drugs

This week has been sloooooooow compared to last week. Despite all the leisure time and sleeping in, both The Funasaurus and I woke up feeling not quite right on Tuesday. The Funasaurus went to work, and I went back to sleep for another hour. The Funasaurus ended up coming home mid-afternoon, and working the rest of the evening from the comfort of our office, and large helpings of Airborne that I pushed on him.

I had just spoken with M (whose show is really coming together!) who warned me about a certain flu strain/Death Virus that was circling Summit County. The first day you feel a general sense of ooki-ness, (ooooh, check! We were definitely feeling ooky!) and the next day you wake up sicker than you have ever been in your whole life. And then you stay that way for about eight days. Give or take four, depending on if you've taken lots of Airborne and Echinacea, and any other hippy drug that you can get your hands on.

Sufficiently freaked out, because I am not a fan of being devastatingly sick for a week, I started pushing it on The Funasaurus and myself all evening. I even stopped dissolving the Airborne in water and just started chewing on the tablets ever half hour, because I am hard core like that.

(Well, no, not really. But I used less and less water.)

Wednesday we woke up, not deathly ill, but still ooky. So we continued the marathon consumption of hippy drugs, even taking a break to go to the store to get some more (and some more Cadbury mini eggs while we were at it) and spent most of the day rotating between the sofa, and the kitchen counter, where the grow-a-kitty from the previous post continues to grow tumors out of the top of her head. Fascinating.

Well, that's what I did, anyway. The Funasaurus had to work, so he spent most of the day feeling ooky in the office, and writing Important Things Like E-mails.

Um. And that's about it. We're not so exciting these days. Although today should be more interesting. I am off to school for my Graduate Experience Day. I get to experience life as a graduate student for four hours. And apparently the life of a graduate student involves breakfast with the dean, a campus tour (that could get old, after about a week) and a lunch with my fellow students. And then I'm free for the whole afternoon. Being a graduate student sounds like a good gig!


Mama P said...

I just went through a 4 day illness. Not fun.

Brown bridesmaid dresses? You ROCK. I love that color! The bridesmaids can come to my house for photos. They can sit on the couch. The only thing that will show up in the pictures are their little heads and a few vomit stains. Very artsy.

Lisa Pulliam said...

I hope you're feeling better and didn't wake up the next morning like death warmed over. Wow, that does sound like a good life as a grad student. What will you be studying?

meno said...

You'll be a kick-ass graduate student. I hope the druges help. Do you have some zinc tablets? And you might need more mini-eggs too.

Pauline said...

hope all general ookiness and signs of ill health have become airborne...

patches said...

Good luck on circumventing the funk. Most of the graduate students I knew spent time grading papers and drinking beer with the profs. The times they are a changing.

v said...

Once again congrats on being a grad student!

Sorry to hear about the illness, hopefully the two of you are feeling superbly better!

And save the poor kitty and monkey! There's a doctor on the east coast who might be there last chance ... Dr. Gregory House.