Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Signs of Chocoholism

Sunday was a yummy say for both The Funasaurus and me. The Funasaurus got to play in a volleyball tournament, which he hasn’t gotten to do in ages, and I got to go shopping with a good friend, which I haven’t gotten to do in ages. My day started with a stop at the most darling little café that also happens to serve amazing pastries and alcohol so yes!yes!yes! sign me up! And then Shooting Star and I wandered over to the mall where I found a pair of boots that were at once cute and trendy, as well as flat with large rubber soles so I will not slip and kill myself on the driveway at work, as well as lined with faux fur and very warm AS WELL AS on sale! If there are greater signs than that in the shopping world, well, I don’t know what they are.

Then we stopped at CPK and had some wine. I love wine in the early afternoon. So with some good girl talk and perhaps a shrimp roll or two, we killed an hour or two there before we decided that we had done all there was to be done at the mall that day.

I got home and met The Funasaurus for dinner as the snow began to fall. Again. Now, most people in Colorado are sick of the snow. I fell into their ranks on Sunday night, but early Monday morning I received a call from Tulip, just as I was headed out the door, that went something like this, “We can’t even get our big ol’ truck out of our driveway. There’s no way your car will make it down here, we just got too much snow. I think you’re going to have to stay home, today.” I barely had time to utter, “Gee, that’s too bad, see you tomorrow!” before I ran upstairs and swan dived The Funasaurus who was still sleeping.

I went back to sleep for an hour, then got up to make myself some extremely chocolate-y hot chocolate, and marvel at the fact that I was only wearing one layer of clothing and not freezing to death on a work day.

Around lunchtime I wandered downstairs, looking for something to eat, and noticed a bottle of Cotes du Rhone on the table, that had been opened and re-corked over the weekend. Well.... Why not? It’s not like I have to drive anywhere, and it would taste oh-so-good, and yesterday had involved a mid-day glass of wine and it was just lovely.

Then, in an amazing feat of self-restraint, I paused with the cork in my hand and realized, “Oh, right. I’m working.” Plus, isn’t drinking mid-day alone kind of a sign of wine becoming more of a co-dependent thing than a once-in-a-while frolic-y tryst?

So the wine was re-corked, and more super-chocolate-y hot chocolate was made, along with some super-nutritious popcorn, and the day was not lost.

But now I have a new motivation. I want to learn a snow dance. Or pray to some snow gods, or whatever it takes to get me more days like that. Even if there’s no wine, there IS an extra hour of sleep, plus all the hot chocolate I can handle. And that, my friends, is a sweet, sweet life.


Marcia said...

DUDE. If you email me, and we have glasses of wine TOGETHER, over the magic internet, then neither of us are alcoholics, or pathetic. We're just friendly, right?

Dantares said...

Drinking during the day is great fun. But then again, I work for a wine shop - tasting along with customers is all part of the job...heheheh...Dantares