Tuesday, January 02, 2007

007. 2007.

The Funasaurus and I hosted a little New Year’s get-together, this year. There was much champagne and Pama, as well as some other stuff, but I’m not quite sure what that was, seeing as how I wasn’t drinking it. Why would you, when there is a fresh bottle of Pama to be had?

So we had a party, and our theme was James Bond, 007, in honor of the year being 2007. There was a competition, involving the Best Gadget for the guys, and Best Bond Girl name among the girls. We had a Cricket Sugarlips and an Anita Lottaman show up. I was Mai Char Donné. Cricket won this, and a guy who had a homemade Styrofoam light-up thing-y won this. While I don’t know what his gadget actually DID, it looked like it involved the most work by far, and it was shiny, and I like shiny things when I am drunk, so he won, because I am a supreme dictator and this was not a voting competition so much as a What-the-Princess-Says-Goes competition.

Yesterday involved a trip to IHOP for greasy hangover food and some general laying about and napping.

Today, as you might remember, you memory-wiz of a reader, you, I was supposed to go to work, again. But, as you can see, I am either blogging on the first day of my new job, which is pushing it (even for me) OR I am not yet at said New Job. Which is actually the case. I got an e-mail late last night saying, “Oh, heh, we’re still snowed in, down here. Don’t think your puny car can make it. Why don’t you go ahead and come in on Wednesday, instead?” (That is not verbatim, but as I drive a Honda Civic and this company specializes in 4 wheel drive vehicles, it was implied. [I do see this as an opportunity to sell The Funasaurus on my dream truck, though. Hybrid be damned, I have some off-roading to do!]) So I am here at home, still slowly cleaning up from New Year’s and playing Get-Off-My-Computer-Already-You-Jerk with my cat. It could be worse.

Wish me luck for tomorrow! My first REAL day of work. Supposedly.


Marcia said...

a) your party sounds like the rule-ness.

b) yay! You still have a job. And had an extra day off. Which you always need, because you never get everything you wanted to get done, done when you're about to start a new job.

c) dude, I'm going to miss you when you're back at work. I like our gchats.

meno said...

I love the Bond girl names.

v said...

Great to hear your party went splendidly. And kudos on getting another day off. Though you're probably itching to hit the new job and make a good impression. Which you will.

Anyway, happy 2007 and best of luck on your first day!

Mama P said...

My bond girl name would have been be Huggie High. I'd have worn gold sequence and a pair of Carebears training pants on my head with two pony tails sticking through the holes. Is that sexy enough?