Friday, January 12, 2007

Divine Friday

The universe has smiled upon me, today, folks. Today, I am working from home. Today, I did not fight traffic for an hour. Today I am not slowly freezing to death under four layers of polypro, nay, today I am wearing a t-shirt and pajama pants and basking in the heat of the oven that is our home office. Today I drink hot chocolate not for the feeling it gives back to my fingertips, but for the sugar rush of the stale marshmallows.

God I love stale little marshmallows.

Today is a good day. Yesterday wasn’t so bad, either, since Kanga decided we should stop working early to go get a drink. Yes! Yes! Yes! I want to get these people imbibed so that they can tell me the incestuous history of their past.

It wasn’t as dramatic as I was hoping for, but still, I got a little more insight. Tulip made a tiny jab at Bar-B about getting her extensions redone (and I gotta side with Tulip on this one, they are looking a little nappy and grown out) after Kanga and Barb-B kept going on and on about a trip they had taken through Australia’s Outback, back in the day. Then they got to talking about Hay-Soos, whom I still have yet to meet. (He’s the millionaire owner out in California who’s currently dating Bar-B, lest anyone forgot.) Barb-B mentioned how his pants are awfully tight, and Kanga made a little quip about that probably being because she was in them….

I waited for a snotty retort while consuming vast amounts of calamari, but when none came, I polished off my cabernet and said I should get going.

Drinking with coworkers is fun, but I didn’t want to be the drunk one. Quite yet. So I was totally sober as I began the trek home, and checked my voicemail while dodging idiots in SUVs on the highway during yet another snowstorm. (And by “snowstorm” here I mean “lightly drizzling icy rain” but it was equally dangerous, and “blizzard” is less time-consuming to write, so I’ll just go with it.)

Then there was a lovely message from Reverend Jones saying he can’t wait to meet me later tonight.


Me = not so much religious.

Me = not drunk, either, or so I thought, but I couldn’t imagine having called a reverend sober. Somehow, I thought the universe was playing another trick on me, having allowed me the fun of thawing over alcohol with my intriguing new colleagues, it was now going to throw a little religion my way.

Then Reverend Jones said, “Don’t worry, marriage counseling is fun, it’ll be a good night,” and I remembered, holy crap! Marriage counseling! I almost missed our first session because I was drinking with a bunch of people I wanted to get dirt on. Way to get off on the right foot with Jesus.

So I began dodging idiot SUVs going in the opposite direction, and actually made it to the church on time.

It actually wasn’t bad, I think The Funasaurus and I both found it interesting.

And then we came home, binged on popcorn and chips (yeah nutritional dinner!) and called it a night. This morning we slept in a bit, enjoying our time together, and then The Funasaurus headed off to work while I sat around debating whether pants were really necessary in such a warm, cozy house.

I compromised, and went for pajama pants, which should still set the mood for an awesome weekend.

T.G.I.F., indeed.


meno said...

Nice euphemism there!

MommyHAM said...

Hee hee....

Love those mornings where Charlie Brown and I can enjoy our time together too. ;-)

Your coworkers are very intriguing, and I can totally see the draw to imbibing and probing.

Mama P said...

Ah, marriage counseling. This should prove some fun for posts.

Pauline said...

Still chuckling over you trying to get off on the right foot with Jesus.

Marcia said...

Yeah, um, marriage counseling and the pain it was to get the church's approval (and my husband and I were both Catholics in good standing trying to get married at my childhood church, that my parents are still members of, by my husband's uncle, who is a Catholic priest! And we went to Catholic college!! Honestly, we couldn't be more Catholic). Good luck!