Friday, September 05, 2008

The Rose is No Pansy

It is now: FALL.

Thus I spake. Thus also has been the weather. Hello, gloom and darkness and cool air! It’s kind of cozy. We’ve turned off all sorts of climate control for the past several days, no heating no AC. The temperature has been fluctuating around perfect. Well, perfect for us. Less perfect for Sugar, whose threshold for happy hovers around 86 degrees. Give or take half a degree.

Our house, and the fall weather have not been so… balmy. So there has been much Sadness and Despair and Moping on Sugar’s part. Tatum doesn’t seem to notice, as long as The Funasaurus continues to ply him with faux mice.

So because my heart was breaking for sad little Sugar, I broke out the heating pad and turned it on. I picked her up, which is kind of against Sugar Rules, but I knew it was worth invoking her temporary wrath, and placed her on the heating pad. It was like her little legs melted under her, and suddenly there was much rubbing and wiggling and I finally had to look away because it was almost kind of dirty.

I don’t believe she’s gotten up since, although she has adjusted her position just about every time I’ve gone in to look at her. Kind of like she’s rotisserie -ing herself.

Meanwhile, though, my rosebush is not such a pansy, and happily it is shooting out flowers all over the place. Look! Hopefully it just keeps right on doing this through the winter.



Pauline said...

It's currently 80 degrees, so muggy it's raining, and absolutely still, air-wise. Your fall may be ours in a week or two :)

Lily said...

*Runs to buy heating pad for kitties.*
Still love that vase, it's the same as last time right? Now I know what I should buy any friend getting married.:P

Christie said...
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Christie said...

OK, so I meant to say September. We are still supposed to have nice weather in SEPTEMBER. We have crappy June's here, but nice Septembers. How could I have been in August in my head with 3 calendars around? Ugh, I am losing it.

Yoga Gal said...

Cool photo - and yes this is the best time of year!

Ramblin' Red said...

I'm loving the coziness of fall too. Just cuddling up with blankies instead of turning up the heat; opening the windows instead of running AC - gloriously fresh isn't it?

And our roses are doing so nicely right now too - if only my mums would follow suit!