Monday, August 27, 2007

They Really Should Install an Escalator

Last week The Funasaurus informed me that we'd be getting up at four thirty A-frickin-M on my precious, precious Saturday to go climb a mountain. And not just any mountain, but a 14er. Though The Funasaurus does not hike, he does enjoy a goal. So, much like going swimming for the first time during a tsunami, he went from not hiking at all to going up one of the tallest mountains in the state.

I like hiking as much as the next Colorado transplant, but I am not so into the still-dark wake-up. As evidence by the fact that I nearly chewed The Funasaurus' head off at 4:45 AM because he put too many Cheese-Its into a plastic baggie. (According to me, and my erratic baggie quotients, anyway. According to him there is no such thing as “too many Cheese-Its.”)
So we were in the car before 5, and picked up The Funasaurus' co-worker who is my NEW HERO because she had gotten in from a night of severe drinking and debauchery only two hours before, and had that weavy look of someone who is perhaps not completely sober yet, and we drove up to the mountain and began hiking. (Well, we hiked. G weaved, took a cigarette break, chugged some water, and began weaving, again. Needless to say, G did not quite make it up the whole mountain. But she made it really far, at least to 13,000 feet, which still qualifies for Rock Star Status in my book.)

So here, we made it, despite having to boulder up the last 200 feet or so with some mild altitude sickness.

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Do you not love my trendy, trendy striped pants?

So we deemed ourselves hard core, us and our Cheese-Its.

And it was pretty, even when we weren't on top of the world.

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Sunday I spent the day laying around, moaning about my aching butt. Because, for whatever reason, my legs are fine, but my ass is sore as hell.


Diane said...

Gorgeous photos! and looks like fun. I second your nomination of the co-worker for good sport of the day

meno said...

Which fourteener was it? You are hiking studs!

M-M-M-Mishy said...

There are several rules when it comes to baggies, and said rules get more stringent the earlier one has to wake up.

You and the Funasaurus are a cute couple.

audrey said...

Way to go! I, too, am curious about which fourteener you conquered.

Christie said...

Cute pictures! And G is also my hero. If I partied like that and tried to hike a mountain, LifeFlight would be bringing me down.

Leah said...

I agree, I want to know which fourteener! I have great aspirations to hike a fourteener but haven't seemed to find the time to do it. We had a bad experience with one once and have never gone back. Maybe someday!

Marcia said...

I never knew the Funasaurus was SO CUTE! I miss the 14ers in CO. Does climbing to the roof of my building count as a hike? It's 17 stories... And I don't think I'm allowed to go to the roof. But I'm scheming to get it done before the end of the summer.

Ryan said...

I'm having trouble breathing just looking at these pictures

Princess in Galoshes said...

Diane- Thanks! It hurt more than we let on in the pictures. ;-)

Meno- It was Mt. Bierstadt. One of the "easier" ones, but the air was still damn thin up there.

Mishy- I knew I liked you. I like anyone who understands there are RULES when it comes to baggies.

Audrey- Bierstadt. But we did Grays and Torreys last year!

Christie- Flight for Life is on my speed dial. Frickin' airless mountains. I don't know how G survived.

Leah- maybe we could all do one next summer! Although you guys will probably do laps around us. We are very... slow... hikers.

17 stories (esp in hot pink heels) is roughly the equivalent of a NY 14er. I say you do it. And send me pictures. And bring some moleskin for those blisters! LOVE the ancient call-the-doorman-thing-y on your blog, by the way!

Ryan- Amen, sir. Amen.

Leah said...

I would LOVE to do a 14er with you guys....and don't worry, we are terribly slow hikers. Next summer for sure!

Angela said...

Way to go! From what I understand about hiking, that is quite a feat!

Although I'm going to have to concur with the Funosaurus on this one... there really is no such thing as too many Cheez-Its.