Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Important Things in Life

So the running has been going: Not Well.

Where The Funasaurus is gleefully going further faster and dropping belt notches daily, I am apparently going SLOWER and not getting as far as I used to and am feeling rather bloated, just in general.

Fucking running.


Huh. I thought I was going to have more to say about that, but I'm out. That kind of summed it up.

So, that leaves me with nothing else to talk about except, dum dum dum THE WEDDING. Sorry, suckers.

The wedding. Ah. It is exciting (for me) and all-consuming (for me and everyone around me). It haunts my dreams (nightmares weekly about forgetting to send out invites) it creeps into work (surely ordering leaf-shaped escort cards can be worked in amongst the spreadsheets) it pushes its way into inappropriate conversations, “Oh, I'm so sorry this transition to a new job is hard on you, baby. Now would you please tell me if we should go with the hearts or bells on the disposable cameras for the tables at the reception?” and it is slowly taking over my identity, in so far as the ONLY thing people know to say to me, anymore, is, “How's the wedding planning going?” Despite the fact that just I told them, “Fine, nothing really new,” only yesterday.

Fortunately, we got the big decisions out of the way early, (wine selection, photographer, caterer, invitations, wine selections) and now we're just down to the little details.

I discovered this picture on a wedding website a little while ago:

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And now cannot live without aspen/birch table number holders.

Sadly, all the aspen I have found has been half-eaten by elk, and so are unusable. I am not quite yet to the point of chopping down a perfectly healthy tree for my table number holders, but let's just see how much progress I've made by T-1 week. Trees may suffer. ... I'm just saying!

I'm currently looking into candles that cost less than $40 for their somewhat bark-ish looking wax exterior, and bribing any local landscapers I know. (Which = 0 currently, but there are still a couple of weeks to go.)

The Funasaurus and I are still having rounds about our first dance song. My love of Nelly and Shaggy are not blending well with his love of Air Supply and Journey. There is no common ground. Though we do both desperately love "Cherish" by Madonna, it is a little tricky to dance to. Try it in your living room, sometime. We did. Last night. Not so sway-y.

And then there's the question of hair. (...I think that was the sound of my last male reader clicking the hell away from this page) To go up messy, or structured? Am I a lazy curl kind of girl (I do like shabby chic) or a tight bun kind of girl? (I do want to be a librarian.) These are the things I obsess over, and I think The Funasaurus is about ready to elope. In sweats. To the rhythm of my Honda Civic's loose tailpipe. With only a dusty, freakishly smiley, dangling strawberry from my rearview mirror as decoration.

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Lilycurly said...

I guess it depends on the dress...and also the shape of your face.
But you DO have curly hair, and personally, I always thought that if ever I get married , my hair will look like "mine" on the pictures. I will not pull and disfigure them into something I won't recognise.

So I would probably opt for slightly messy updo. You know, so it looks natural and romantic and comfortable...the kind of thing that looks simple, yet took hours to achieve.;)

Oooh, with tiny little flowers or pearls randomly stuck in it. But that's just my fantasy.

Let us know what you decide on, can't wait to see.

Erin said...

I LOVE those table number holders! So, so pretty. Maybe even pretty enough to kill trees for...

hamiam said...

Ahem...for cheapish candles that look like that, try Terry's Village dot com or Collections dot com - they are both home interior mags that I get and they have stuff like that for $20 and under.

And softly messy, sophisticated vote anyway.

meno said...

I hate running, and thus i refuse to do it.

As for the wedding, aughhhhhhh....

rebekah said...

Contact a construction company. They have to pay to get rid of the trees from the lots they clear. They might not mind if you steal an aspen, or something similar.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Lilycurly- Oooh, I think you and I have similar tastes. :-) I like your ideas!

Erin- You see what I mean??

Ham- Thank you, you are awesome! I am off to check out those websites right now!

Meno- I would refuse, except I do absolutely nothing else to get any sort of exercise, and I'm not really keen on dying, either... it's a rock and a hard place, really.

Rebekah- BRILLIANT! There's actually a ton of construction going on in my neighborhood right now, I'll see if I can hunt someone down. Thanks!

rebekah said...

Sadly enough, I dreamed about this last night. Good news though, you totally found the wood.