Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Things Worth Mentioning

Today is Shout-Out day, because there are so many wonderful things on the internet that I cannot stand not sharing them.

First of all: Hometown Baghdad. Imagine that. Iraquis doing painfully normal things like going to school and making salad and talking about extremist factions in their culture against a backdrop of ruined buildings and friends with missing legs. These videos are amazing. Simple, and amazing. I think showing average people in their daily lives as not so different from Americans and their daily life is a powerful image.

Second of all: Lesbian koalas. Oh, yes. And I admit, this is a BLATANT pilfer from Mimi Smartypants, (who deserves her own shout-out, as well, because: hello, darkly funny! If you ever wanted an extremely well-read, witty goth mom, well, envy Nora. [Mimi's daughter.]) but this breaking new koala info is just too good to not pass along. The only thing is, I don't like that they've only been able to show that this happens in captivity, because that kind of makes it sound like marsupial girl-on-girl action is not natural, and that would be too bad. Perhaps further study is required. How do I get in on that research project? Camping in the Australian outback, following animals that sleep 20+ hours a day, rejecting males in the two hours that they ARE awake. I could SO get used to that schedule.

Thirdly: Malcolm Gladwell archives. Bored at work? Need to find a way to make it until 5:00 and it's only 8:14 a.m.? Read a couple of these. Stop for coffee and pee breaks, occasionally. It will make you slightly sad, that you will never be able to come up with brilliant insights like these every month or so, but it's still worth it.

Fourthly: (Why am I still going with the faux adverb number-y thing?) Virtual bubble wrap.

Fifthly: Have you seen/read these books? Very, very funny. Pick one up for yourself this Easter. Or any other day, for that matter. Easter just kind of goes with the chick theme, but really, they are fabulous and great pick-me-ups. Found in the humor section, in most bookstores.


That's about it, for now.

See how I pawned off today's blog on all sorts of better writers (of literature AND html)?

Thanks, all you writers with something more profound to say than me. Mwah.


librarian pirate said...

EEEK! I wrote this whole long comment that was insightful and eloquent and important and when I hit send I got an error saying, "your request could not be processed" and all I can remember is me saying that I was a Mimi Smartypants fan too - she gives me hope that I can be a mommy and blog and not have a mommy blog.

Ah well - know that there was a coment for you, it's just not here now, so you're getting this one instead.

Mama P said...

Librarian pirate - I think people worry too much about if their blogs are mommy blogs or not. You have interesting things to say, mom or not, so that's that. Just my friendly opinion. Not that your asking. But good job!