Friday, March 23, 2007

My Empty Wine Glass Could Be Modern Art. Sad, Modern Art.

Oh, modern art. I so don't get you. Apparently a big ashtry with several hundred smoked butts and some empty cigarette packs is now “art.”


I mean, really?

So I have some friends visiting, from out of town. And they heard about the new modern art museum building, in all of its no-perpedicular-walls glory, so we went to go visit it, since I have been curious about it, myself. I liked the room with the projection of falling scarves. It reminded me of a nice screen saver. I thought the Very Large bronze clothes pin was o.k., and the big, decapitated Buddhas with random dolls' heads hanging above them were Not My Cup of Tea.

The gift store, however, WAS. Do you know they make zipper bags? Bags made entirely of a very long, zipped up zipper? The fact that somehow that ONE zipper, along with some tricky, fancy-schmancy sewing created a bag with TWO handles was beyond brilliant. (And more artistic than the plastic red square on the fourth floor, in my opinion.)

The most amazing thing in the gift shop, though, was this Buddha Board. Do not know what to get me for Christmas? Get me this. It's like a Japanese etch-a-sketch. So pretty! With water! And then it fades away and you can do it all again! I'll take two.

Then we came home, napped, and went to yoga. Where there was a new teacher, who was very nice and while she did not have an ounce of fat on her, thereby making her “Let go of any preconceived notions of how you should look” speech null and VOID because only normal people with real body issues are allowed to say that, she was very kind and even went around touching your third eye spot (aka the spot where I am most likely to get zits) with scented oil while you relaxed. My friend, Little Swan Baby, kicked ass, and was all bendy and strong and whatnot, (which I was able to determine while squooshing back into Child's Pose [aka cop-out pose] for the 400th time) and impressed the teacher. Little Swan Baby has also been suffering from a severe cold, and I think the yoga, between the heated room and all the twisting upside-down-ing, squeezed most of the snot right out of her, because this morning she is a little sore but much less sniffly.

Or, it could be the fact that I dried all the snot out of her by feeding her brute champagne.

Either way, here's to starting a weekend by curing a cold with yoga and wine!



meno said...

That zipper bag is so cool. What will they think of next?

Murphy said...

I don't know, Kitty Cat...In college I passed off a bowl of ramen noodles full of cigarette butts for a YEAR as modern art. :) And...Buddhist Etch a Sketches?!!...You buy mine...I'll buy yours. Christmas won't be much of a surprise this year though. :(