Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blondes, Swans, and Mint Whipped Cream

It's been a very busy week so far, having had not one but two sets of friends in town, visiting. Fortunately, I have fabulous friends, so the mélange of high school meets college worked out just fine, and we went and had tea, shopped, and visited the local brewery as though we had been planning on hanging out all together, for ages.

Little Swan Baby was in town because her fiancé was going to The String Cheese Incident concerts. (That's right. Plural. As in more than one night of hippie band-dom.) We forgave him his taste in music, especially when he was agreeable to going to a cute little French bistro with yummy mimosas only a few hours after he had stumbled in the door.

Side note: Tatum loved his wristband from the concert, deeming it his new favorite toy to fetch. I am 99% sure he got a contact high from carrying that thing around in his mouth all day. But it's hard to tell for sure. He's just that dumb.

Blondie was in town for different reasons. She and her boyfriend were considering moving here, so this was going to be a house-hunting trip for them. But instead her boyfriend ended up getting a residency in Raleigh, NC, which is so NOT Denver, Colorado. So we scrapped the model home tour in favor of the Coors Brewery Tour. Mmmm. Free Zima.

Monday Blondie had to fly out for an extremely last-minute interview in North Carolina, so we put her on the plane all, “Bye, dear, I'm going to take your boyfriend skiing while you're gone, o.k.?”

And skiing we did go. Along with some other friends. Blondie's boyfriend was used to hard core skiing, but he was pretty tired on Tuesday. So I told him there was another way to ski. I call it The Princess Method. It involves taking a token run, then heading in to the lodge bar for an Irish coffee (or ski lift, which is part hot chocolate, part peppermint schnapps.) Blondie's boyfriend was all for The Princess Method, so we took two (one of which was unnecessary, but whatever, it was a nice day) runs, and then went in to the bar. Which was still closed, because they don't open until 11:00. Lazy bums.

We walked out, determined to be back by 11:00. Blondie's boyfriend just shook his head all, “I've never gotten to a bar so early that it was still closed!”

I shook my head, all, “Welcome to my world.”

So we came back in at 11, and had yummy yummy ski lifts, complete with minty whipped cream, which I have never expereinced before but DELIC! And then we skiied until it was time for lunch and beer, and then we skiied through the trees to find a little log smoke hut that I have known about since I was six (I use it more for M&Ms eating than smoking. Something about being in a very crude log shelter in the snow that could collapse at any second makes M&Ms that much more tasty) there are lots of hidden treasures on a mountain that are not marked on the map, fyi, and then we came home in time to pick Blondie up from the airport.

Her interview went well, and she had some adventures getting there, but we trumped her stories with our minty whipped cream. I mean, did you hear me? MINT! Flavored! Whipped Cream!

So that's been my week. Now I'm off to babysit for a friend. Who on Earth would entrust me with their child, anyway??? Want some minty whipped cream, kiddo?


Leah said... chocolate with peppermint schnapps, my favorite ski beverage. But mine never had mint whipped cream. No fair!

Mama P said...

As long as you don't entertain them with catnip all night, I think you'll do great.

v said...

Hmmm. Skiing and mint whip cream. That's it, you're going to have to adopt me.