Saturday, March 24, 2007

Good News

Oh, y'all!

I just found out... I was accepted by the graduate program I applied to! As of next fall, I'm singlehandedly (well, me, and other hot women in the same career path) bringing the sexy librarian back; I'm getting a Masters in library sciences. :-)

I applied long back before the layoffS happened. I applied back when I had a good job, but an evil boss. As some of you may remember. I decided there was more I could do with my time. But I didn't tell anyone, because if I got rejected, I didn't feel like having to announce that, as well.

But now DU is going to let me be all that I can be in the library realm! It's official! And I'm so happy!

Princess Librarian


Pauline said...


meno said...

Congratulations my dear. This is exciting news.

librarian pirate said...

EEEE! Congrats! Library science is tons of fun. Mind if I join you in bringing the sexy librarian back?

(I have to remind myself right now that the "Librarian" in that sentence is serving the vital role of keeping a Justin Timberlake reference at bay!)

librarian pirate said...

hahaha - so I totally just realized that the link to the "other librarian" in your blog (that I was going to check out after commenting because I was so incredibly excited for you that I had to comment first!) was to me! So ignore the previous comment because apparently you're good with me joining that quest.

Can you tell I need to go to sleep? I do believe I shall!

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Yeah! That is very good news! Congratulations on your acceptance. How long is your masters program?

HAM*I*AM said...

Yay!!! How awesome!

I have a wonderfully sexy Canadian librarian friend who is a hoot, eh ;)

Go Princess...with a Masters in Library Science, you may just get the research abilities to discover your secret kingdom!

Diane said...

you are living my dream - I have my application for the Masters in Library Sciences program locally half filled out (as it has been for 2 years) and hope to move that along this year - Congrats!

p.s. I hopped over from v's blog

Murphy said...

Something tells you could even make the Dewey Decimal System interesting. :)
Congrats to my best girl!!!!
Say "Shhhhh" for me...just once...?

Mama P said...

Will you come visit my son's preschool and tell them the importance of quiet time, alphabetizing and why it's not appropriate to look up the word "penis" (tee heeee tee heeee) on the public computer system?


v said...

Mucho Congrats!