Thursday, March 08, 2007

Easter, Already, Thank Goodness

Normally, I dislike the commercialization of holidays. I think it's ridiculous when I start hearing Christmas carols in mid-October. I get annoyed when I see crappy heart-shaped candy around New Year's. And yet, Easter. Ah, Easter. It can come as early as it wants, and I don't mind, for some reason. In fact, I'd be o.k. with making it a year-round kind of thing.

Easter is all about bunnies, and cuteness, and PINK, and lord knows I love pink, cute bunnies!

So I don't mind seeing white trees with painted eggs a couple of months out. Easter's candy beats Valentine's candy like it stole something. I personally feel that Cadbury is one of the best affordable chocolates that exists. Try eating a Hershey's bar right after a chunk of Cadbury, sometime. It will taste like chalk. That's because Europe continually schools us in the chocolate realm. (Although Ghiradelli isn't so bad.)

But I digress. This is about Easter. And about the fact that I've already eaten two large BAGS of these. Because, hello, little orgasm in my mouth.

Also. YUM.

Even if the commercials include a bunny that bawkbawkbawks like a chicken.

Also, what other holiday will let you buy THIS PEN?

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It's o.k. To be jealous of me. I would be, it's pretty much the awesomest pen, ever. What you can't see is that Dingle, (as I've named the sparkly yellow chick) is on a spring, so as you write, Dingle thrashes around as though at a Metallica concert. And if we ever have reason to correspond via regular mail, (which we may, I do like writing letters) then rest assured my letter will come written in the ink of a pen bearing a little chicken in a sparkly blue egg and REAL feathers on the top. I have no idea if it writes well. But I do not care, for I love it so much. So, so much.

And we are living in a material world,
and I am a material girl.


meno said...

Well that beats the hell out of that pen i got at a bachelorette party once. It was shaped like a pen is not usually shaped.

daverichards said...

Great post...and yes Easter is approaching soon...and it's great ro see everyone around in the Easter spirit...and well also visit my blog on Easter Greetings sometime and check out all the cool stuff i've posted there!!!

M-M-M-Mishy said...

I have also gorged myself stupid on bags and bags mini eggs! Easter is a very yummy holiday.

Angela said...

Easter is pretty fabulous, and I am in complete agreement on the Cadbury point. One of my friends is heading to England this summer and I've already instructed her on exactly which candy bars I expect to receive upon her return. Mmmmm.... Flake bars...

Murphy said...

"Little orgasm In My Mouth"...?? Oh No. You. Didn't. Holy...Oh. Wow. I don;t know which makes me feel funnier..the name "DINGLE"...or THAT??? :) Easter suits you nicely.