Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sake Induced Validation

Last night I went to dinner Old Coot. Old Coot is a crusty old mountain man, who lives in Utah. He also happens to be an external sales rep. for some publishers. One of which used to be my old company, and one of which is now my new company. He is actually the one who tracked me down, and got my new company to hire me when my old one laid me off.


Fortunately, I’m totally over that.

Anyway, I like Old Coot. We get along well, and when I decided to quit this job, I called Old Coot to tell him, personally, because I felt bad that he had gone to such lengths to recruit me. We decided to go to dinner, to talk things over.

I assumed Old Coot had a limited meat and potatoes palate, and so I suggested a couple of chain restaurants. He surprised me by saying, “Denver’s got way better food than that. Why don’t we do Indian, or Mexican, or sushi, or something?”


Well. O.K. Bethereat7! Or, better yet, 6:30! I’ll put a hustle on it if there’s raw fish involved.

So we went out to sushi. I politely ordered a lemonade, and Old Coot ordered himself the largest sake they served.

We laughed and bitched about the old company, (he left them a while ago) and talked about where the new one was going. He asked if the commute was the only reason I was leaving. I hesitated, then said, “Yes.”

We talked about my maybe doing some freelance work (ding!ding!ding! I want that!) and about what I’d do, next. Then, he randomly says, “I’m surprised you haven't mentioned the heat, or rather, lack thereof.”

Ha. If. Only. He. Read. My. Blog.

“Well, now that you mention it….”

He grinned, chugged the rest of his sake cup, and said, “I had to wear my jacket all day the last time I was here for a meeting. We need to start meeting in fuckin’ San Diego, or something.”


“Indeed.” I suddenly felt validated. Old Coot is probably 2 to 3 times larger than me. And he’s a mountain man. If he had to wear his jacket inside… well, I am not just a whining pansy-ass princess, now am I?

Now, back to searching for a job that will let me sip wine and/or hot chocolate from under a quilt, all day long. It's out there, somewhere. And I will find it.

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Pauline said...

how about online teaching or editing?