Friday, February 09, 2007

Documenting the Royal Goings-On

Last night, bless his heart, The Funasaurus brought home dinner.

And it was not just any dinner. It was sushi. Take-home sushi. (And oh yes, it was very raw. There were no California rolls. Look Ma, no salmonella!)

That’s two nights in a row for me!

My life ROCKS.

Also, because today is the last day of my job, tra-la!

I’ve gotten it into my head, recently, that I want to start making home videos. Not of just everyday stuff, but maybe do a little documenting of grandmothers, while they’re still around. Perhaps some of the fun wedding-prep stuff. Perhaps the reunion in Napa with some of my very best friends ever, this summer. I have big plans, folks. (But, you might say, aren't camcorders expensive? And aren't you unemployed, as of this afternoon? And didn't you deplete most of your savings LAST month, when you were also unemployed? To you I would say, Stop hating on my dream, Hater.)

So last night, after feasting off of our raw tuna and yellowtail (and oh, how Tatum wanted some. He was like a kitty possessed, launching his twisty little body at us with no regards for what came after, were we to shift slightly to save our eel roll… namely, falling. Kitties do NOT always land on their feet, folks. Not when they are hell-bent on getting to your lap, with a crazed-salmon-love look in their eye.) I dragged The Funasaurus to Circuit City. Which, he claims, is kind of like what Nordstroms is to me, so he didn’t really mind that much. Although I didn’t see him paying homage to any particular counter, while he was there, nor laying any sort of blood sacrifice down in the equivalent of whatever the shoe department would be, so I don’t know if that’s a fair comparison.

Anyway. I came armed with a couple of ideas. I want a hard drive camcorder, none of this burning mini-DVDs stuff. I want to plug that puppy into my computer, and manipulate the heck out of it. If I can find any way to make it look like M (from Wednesday) is saying, “Please take me out for a drive in your hummer so we can go find some meat to chew on and throw litter out the window, and also, I think George W. is doing a fine job,” then, lord help me, but I will feel like my life is complete.

And perhaps also cause one of my best friends to hate me.

I keep meaning to see someone about that. The Funasaurus says it’s not “healthy.” I say, “Pshaw, but it’s funny!”

Unfortunately, however, (and perhaps luckily for M) I have a Mac, Which makes video editing easier, but finding a compatible camcorder harder. Circuit City did not have any camcorders that had the correct thingamagiggy FireWire-y something-or-other, so I left, camcorderless.

But the hunt is on. Any suggestions??


Anonymous said...

Do you already have a funny blog name for me? If not you should make one and I will guess which one it is and start signing all of my blog comments with that name.
Deal or no Deal

v said...

Way to go on leaving the cold (literally and figuratively) job. And I think your first video should be documenting Tatum's assault on the sushi defenses.

Sorry I have no clue where to find your camcorder but my guess is an Apple-Techie website or two might be the best place to start.

Marcia said...

I don't know anything about camcorders, but I'm happy that you're doing something fun and creative!!

(And. The word verification? it's "laysia" which totally makes me think of those british adds that go, "I found the best of as-y-a in ma-lay-sy-a" I hope you knwo what I'm talking about.)

Angela said...

Congrats on leaving the job! The 9th was also my last day of work--ack!

I think your video making idea sounds like a fab one. I've been trying to convince my fiance that he should buy a camcorder to replace his old broken digital camera since I'll be bringing my camera into the relationship--ha! Let us know what you decide on.