Wednesday, December 17, 2008

'Tis the Season for Lowering Expectations

The Muppets Christmas special was tonight. I raced home, my eyes all a-glow, to see what Santa brought tonight. Truthfully? I was… underwhelmed. There was so much potential. They had some good guests, but Uma Thurman? For shame. You are given a choice character called Oh! Joy and the best you could do was fan yourself with a bit of blue paper and make weird, googly eyes over your frosty pink lipstick? Blegh.

The best bit was the shrimp with his Guido black turtleneck and gold chain. And stalkerish picture of Halle Berry in his pocket. Awesome.

Animal was missing completely, and the big Muppet monster is supposed to eat Kermit, not deliver mail and Christmas trees. The new writers are pansies compared to the originals.

That said, I’m still in the holiday mood, despite the fact that it looks like our Christmas tree threw up all over our living room, what with the wide array of ornaments strewn about amongst the packing paper and outdoor lights, which are not, as yet, outdoors.

If you haven’t gotten a Christmas card from us yet, it’s probably because we haven’t sent them. We’re aiming for Easter at this point. Ho ho, no one will be expecting one then! Especially one with a sparkly snowman on it! (Yes, we’re totally those people. The ones who send you a card filled with glitter that you must then vacuum up after reading our generic greeting. Merry holidays to you!)

But that’s o.k. I’m forgiving our seasonal delinquence. We’ve been busy seeing friends and having fun and occasionally working when we can squeeze it into our busy schedule. I feel like anymore, getting to hang out in person is a better gift than most of the crap I can afford, anyway. And less wrapping paper! Huzzah! I am filled with holiday cheer and spirit, if not motivation and organization.


Wickedly Scarlett said...

Yeah, the Muppet special was okay, but it mostly just made me want to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol.

Diane said...

I've had my tree for nearly 2 weeks and it still isn't decorated.

Ramblin' Red said...

Our holiday got swallowed up by the big I'm Quitting My Job saga - so no cards, tree, etc. yet. Only just got started with gifts, lol. But I'm free at last and will be industrious with the next few days.

Lucy said...

I said at least nine times that I wanted to do a photo christmas card this year with my boyfriend and our cat, and nine times he said ok...

and it never happened.

there's always next year.

Nick, Holly and Maren said...

I'm with Scarlett. It was cute. Not a total waste of time or anything, but nothing at all like the Christmas Carol. I was surprised at some of the muppets that *were* there! Like Doc and Beaker -- you don't see them too much anymore.