Monday, December 29, 2008

I Couldn't Write; I Was Busy Doing Not Much

A blog. I has one. I forgot about it, but then I was reading through other blogs I like and thinking, “They really need to update more often,” and then I was like, Oh. Hai. Has it really been two weeks or so since I last wrote anything? Oopsie.

So Christmas was a success, merry holidays to you and yours, etc. I hope you drank some alcohol. I know I did. Every day for the last week or so in some form or other. I tried to moderate it but then I’d get called “weak” and, well, we can’t stand for that, can we? Yoga kicked my ass this morning. Between the alcohol, red meat, and copious amounts of sugar I’ve subsisted on this past week, I’m basically a lumpish bag of toxins emitting a vague stench of hangover. For some reason The Funasaurus was un-inclined to wake up to my kisses this morning.

Speaking of waking up. Sugar has developed this intensely annoying habit of trying to wake us up around 4:30-5:00 AM every day. She thinks it’s funny to paw on our blinds or scrape plastic bags around making the most godawful noises that I cannot possibly ignore. I think it’s funny to punt her like an angry little feline football right out of our room. But she has caught on to my semi-conscious crazed punting maneuvers, and has taken to hiding under our bed the second I make a move to get up, and then she’ll wait until I’m back asleep and start the whole racket all over again. I have always, always let Sugar sleep cuddled up with me in bed. And The Funasaurus is a good sport about letting her stay there. However, she is getting dangerously close to a being-locked-out-of-the-room-all-night precipice. And that would suck for everyone, including Tatum, who actually sleeps like a sound little monkey right up until Sugar gets up. And if she leaves the room, he follows her, dedicated to his goal of gnawing on her mercilessly, even when he is exhausted. Nor rain nor sleet nor hail… he’s kind of like an old-fashioned postman. Who delivers bits of Sugar fur and faux mice.

I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button over the holiday. I am still unsure as to how I feel about it. It was long, but not painfully so. The premise is clever, and the CGI effects are amazing. Like, unbelievable. The acting’s o.k., and the music is pretty. I know there are people (ahemmysister-in-lawahem) who vehemently disagree with me on this point, but it reminded me quite a bit of The Notebook. I predict that people who liked The Notebook (or The Titanic, for that matter) will like Benjamin Button. Granted, the ultimate points are completely opposite, everything in life and love is ephemeral vs. love can overcome and outlast everything; but the feel is the same. If you like romance crammed down your throat to pretty music in an idealized southern Americana setting, this movie is for you!

That said, I think I liked it. What can I say? I’m a sucker for violins and Brad Pitt and grits.


Ramblin' Red said...

LOL...I hear you on the updating thing. I'm trying to get back in the saddle though.

Sounds like a merry Christmas was had - as we did too!

Have to admit, I vaguely remember seeing a preview for Benjamin Button, but not to the point where I remember what it's supposed to be about. Hmmm...

Ariel Glasner said...

Happy to hear you had a Merry Christmas!! And I don't think a week is a very long time not to post on a blog (speaking from experience:) but I'm glad you're back to writing again!

Diane said...

Locking Sugar out will just result in her clawing and mewing at the door all night.

Admit you have no control, and give in to the power of Sugar.