Monday, July 14, 2008

Life is Good

Things I discovered this weekend that made my life infinitely better:

* Wall-E.


Think E.T. meets Johnny 5 meets the cutest kitten you have ever seen. I love him so, so very much. The kitty porn is gone from my computer’s backdrop, and has been replaced with the most darling little robot ever. EVER. You can get your own bit of cute robotic backdrop love here:

* Rachel’s Wickedly Delicious Yogurt.

Chai yogurt- ingenious! It’s all the probiotics you could want in a yummy, Christmas spice-y way. Why has this not been thought of sooner?

The pomegranate acai is worth mentioning, as well.

* How homesick I really am. I bought a shirt this weekend not because it is a flattering color on me, or a flattering cut. (Neither is true.) But it is the EXACT print that used to be on the underside of the umbrella on our patio in my childhood home. Kind of a garish yellow and orange print that had the unfortunate side affect of attracting bees to our picnic from very far off every time we opened it to have lunch. I intend on wearing it regularly, despite said lack of flatteringness.

Pictures to follow if I can actually find a picture of the underside of the umbrella from the patio of our childhood home. That might be asking a bit much.

Meanwhile the vacation’s over, work’s picking back up. And next week I fly to Miami for a business trip and work my ass off but get to stay in a nice hotel, so it’s an o.k. trade-off. I just wish The Funasaurus was going with me. Because I’m codependent like that. Plus, you know, it’s nice to have someone to… snuggle with, when one is staying in a fancy pants hotel with a fancy pants cushy bed.


meno said...

The power of a hotel bed as an aphrodisiac is underrated.

Diane said...

OOOOO - room service . . .

Pauline said...

I once bought a chenille bed jacket because it reminded me of my Memere's bedspread.

Wouldn't it be fun if work were all play?

Lily said...

I LOVE Wall*E!! What I love most of him is the way he kept saying Eeee-ve! And then she would answer Waaalll-eeee!
So cute! And it was a running gag for me and BF for awhile after we came out of the theater.

Ramblin' Red said...

Punkinhead is in love with Wall*E too. He says "Waaaaall-E" just like he does in the previews. Nana and Papa took them to see it while we were out, and on the way home, as a diversionary tactic, I asked LMNOB to tell me about the movie (I'm thinking a cute synopsis). She then proceeded to talk for 45 minutes with a play by play of every minute detail, and when I stopped her, she goes, "But I'm only to the middle!" LOL

Mama P said...

Don't hate me, but Wall E? Eh... I don't know what is wrong with me.

Snark Scribe said...

I'm seeing Wall-E this weekend.

Mmmm acai. My mom bought me a jar of powder I can mix in my drinks.

Christie said...

I bought a wallet once that was horrendously ugly, but it reminded me of the horrible wallpaper from my childhood home. I never used it and wouldn't give it away, but it finally got tossed when one of the kids puked on and in it.