Monday, July 07, 2008

Home Again

We’re back in Colorado. And it’s raining. And my rose bush is down to one flower and its leaves are turning purple. Did I kill it? Does it mean it’s been over-watered? Under-watered? Help.

Oh, I ended up getting my first cousins once-removed a coloring book, and a book about summertime. My mom totally trumped me with these little foam horse kit things, but hey. Maybe when the foam wears out (in 2092) they’ll be interested in the summertime book. It’s large print.

My little first cousins once-removed (it’s sad they are not less removed, it’s a pain to write that relation each time) are darling, and I am in love with them, and I am sad that they don’t live closer. I do believe there’s something to the whole “you can’t go home again” –thing, but this trip made me miss home a lot. They just love life so much right now. How do you not want to get in on this action?


If that isn't a picture of pure bliss, then I don't know what is.

Plus, here’s what I did instead of working.


Do you see the dark circles of freckles forming in blotchy spheres around my eyes due to mild contact with the sun and only SPF 50? Do you also see how I stuck to Dress Thursday even while I was away? Is anyone out there still participating in the revolution? I mean, some girls manage to wear cute skirts every day. I aspire to their wardrobes.


Marcia said...

How did you know I'm wearing a skirt right now?

And I upgraded to full-on dress for Thursday (for you!)- and Matt was scared my boobs were going to fall out. Silly Matt. Doesn't he know that a woman is fully aware of when her boobs are and are not going to fall out?

Diane said...

I'm wearing a skirt today! BTW - do skorts count as skirts?

And I love the link to D'Rae and all her cute, thrifty outfits!

Lily said...

Ha! The freckle-circles under the eyes! I feel you! I get them no matter what I wear on my face. And then it just looks worst if you try to camouflage it with foundation. gah!
About Dress Thursday...I know I've not been posting pics recently, but in that hellish heat, I wear skirts pracically everyday...I don't get as excited...

Nick, Holly & Maren said...

I checked your rose yesterday when we walked to the park. The purple isn't bad -- it's new growth! It's good! Just be sure to deadhead when your blooms fade. I can help you with that if you want :-)