Monday, July 21, 2008

All I Got

Last night The Funasaurus was being all plan-y-ahead-y and whatnot, and was talking about his upcoming work week. Apparently he had a meeting in some remote building this afternoon and casually mentioned, “Maybe I should take my computer so that I can just finish working from there and not have to go back to the office.” I laughed at such a ridiculous idea, I mean, certainly he knows that I have dibs on his computer during the workday to email and blog and look up random crap on Wikipedia, right?

I was wrong.

Lo and forsooth (melodramatic? Wha?) THE COMPUTER WAS GONE THIS MORNING. OH and rue the day, however would I get through the day? Darn my husband and his efficiency and foresight and stuff.

So I have spent the day mourning the loss of my favorite electronic. I have been working, swimming, watering the plants, and playing with the cats. Also, tempting my company’s site blocker software. Hello, Blogger! (I did get my reports out first, Company Big Brother.)

I spent the weekend cowering in my dark and air conditioned house as the heat soared into the triple digits. The Funasaurus played volleyball for several hours midday and got a tan. I got sunburnt and withered when he opened the door to come inside. I was not made for this kind of heat. Happily, though, my rose bush appears to be made for *just* such a thing, and is busy sprouting out big ol’ rose buds right and left. That is the big excitement in my life. Non-dead bushes, HOORAY!

Princess-how-will-I-survive-in-MIAMI?! out.


Celia said...

As a fellow pale skinned person I sympathize with the sunburn problem. I was out in my yard for about 2 seconds and am now sporting a bright red nose.
Congrats on the rose bush!

meno said...


I love the Northwest. Never too hot, never too cold.

Just saying.

Christie said...

We are currently at 62 degrees in Seattle. In mid-July. What gives? But I also burn upon contact. Damn Dutch genes.