Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The World Keeps on Spinning

Apparently the world does not stop when I go on vacation, particularly my work world, seeing as how the work just kept piling up while I was gone and now it is a big frickin’ hassle and really, someone should look in to that. I have better things to do when I get back from vacation. Like starting to plan my next one.

On a grander scale, I think the universe is aligned in a funky way these days. Big, big things are happening. Some good, some bad. But recently I feel like the world has changed drastically, although not MY world, exactly, so much as the world around me. There has just been a lot of big news, not all of which I can share. The situation in Myanmar is certainly the biggest and the scariest to watch, even from here. But more locally there are babies and weddings as well as some sadder stories, and it all seems to be colliding into just the past 72 hours or so. Is anyone else experiencing this as well?

* * * * *

For anyone still curious about our trip, here are a few more pictures:

We posed with mermaids


Climbed this waterfall


Yeah, mon


Watched cruise ships go by from our balcony


Cuddled wooden giraffes (sober wha…?)


And were basically devastated to leave paradise. It feels like it was all just a dream.



meno said...

The world is a tough place to come home to.

Why won't they listen to us about how to make it a better place?

Rum all around!

Ramblin' Red said...

There IS something going on....I sense it too.

Your pics are adorable!!

Amanda said...

I love love love the waterfall pic! I am super jealous ;-)

Diane said...

The photos are great!!!! My world seems to be spinning a little slower than it was for awhile . . .

p.s. my Memorial day rose bush is part shade and does well!

Wickedly Scarlett said...

It's always difficult to return to "real life" after living in a magical vacation bubble. On the upside, your hair is looking absolutely smashing in that first photo!!

Marcia said...

Is that the waterfall at Ochos Rios? Because if it is, I totally climbed it, too (after disembarking from one of those cruise ships). Another reason we're the same person!

Jessica said...

Love the pics. I just got back from Belize myself. It really does feel as if things are so much bigger and crazier. Are they, or did we just disconnect from them for a bit?

linds said...

Oh! I remembered to come to your blog and see pics :) Very nice! It was good to see you last night and lets plan something fun like a hike soon.

feisty tourist said...

hi! found you via eadesigns and am enjoying your blog. at which resort did the two of you stay? would you recommend it? have you posted a review anywhere? love the pics!