Friday, May 16, 2008

Princess in the Desert

So I’m here in Phoenix for a brief visit, working from my computer in a hotel room, as opposed to working from my computer in my home office. I am quickly realizing I would like my home office more if I had someone else coming in for daily housekeeping whilst I toodle around on my spreadsheets. Also, a comfier robe.

The Funasaurus is working in a meeting room, and is the reason we are here. I got all excited about our little patio off our hotel room, too, and I was like, “Oh, I shall open the sliding door for a nice fresh breeze! I shan’t hurt the environment by turning on the air conditioning! I am at peace with nature, the flutter of the palm trees just outside, the trickle of piped-in water features.…”

And then I saw a lizard, and promptly shut and locked said sliding door and cranked up the air conditioning.

I also went to the salon and got my hair blown-out (one must be careful about how one asks for said service, by the way. When you go into a salon, it’s best to think before you start to say, “Hi, I need a blow…”) anywhos. So the lady washed and dried my hair, and also used a big round hairbrush and twisted it in all sorts of beauty school valedictorian-esque ways, and I have these large, beautiful curls that I really like but also kind of remind me of Playboy Bunny-type hairstyles. So I’m debating whether it’s appropriate for hob-nobbing with The Funasaurus’ boss at dinner tonight. Maybe if I wear pearls and a wool sweater it’ll mellow out the look. Too bad it’s, like, 100 degrees out here.

In even-more-tragic-for-The-Funasaurus news, we agreed to go to his company’s-sponsored tennis clinic tomorrow. I do not think my husband is aware of the full extent of my complete and utter incompetence when it comes to sports. This should be fun. And also humiliating.

I love you, baby. Please remember this weekend for my curls and not my serve.


Diane said...

Oh, I love lizards! Lizards and Geckos are your friends - they eat bugs! We always had pet lizards that my brother caught growing up, and they were always named Ralph.

Have fun in Phx! Screw the tennis and sit in the shade drinking iced tea (or something stronger!)

Melissa said...

Until now I've never actually known anyone that's gotten a blow-out. I thought they were for rich New York mommies that spend their time getting manicures and blow-outs while the kids are with the nanny. Guess I've got much to learn about the beauty world....

Hope Phoenix was fun!

Michele said...

Hi Princess! I've been catching up on your blog. Your trip to Jamaica sounds FABULOUS! Although the sunburn, rash, and insect bites must have been a bit of a bummer. The photo of you and the dolphin is totally sweet.

LOL about your Bunny Curls. I bet they look good, although yes, perhaps you might want to be careful about pairing them with a plunging neckline and short skirt.

So how exactly does one ask for a blowout at the salon? Because even that sounds a little dirty...

Princess in Galoshes said...

Diane- Your brother is a better person than I. I lived in fear of those lizards the whole time I was there. The Javelina didn't bother me a bit, though, as I strolled through the cactus at night.

Mel- In my defense, I do not just go about getting my hair blown out every day. It happened to be for a fancy cocktail reception and the itty-bitty hotel hair dryer wasn't gonna do it. Plus, I looked fabulous.

Michele- I said "I need to get my hair washed and blown out..." It's not as bad.

Lily said...

I would love to see a picture of that blowout.:)
I didn't even know you *could* have a curly blowout. They always make it stick-straight here, when I ask for one.
That, or they just aim the blow-dryer at your head and imagine that the curls will come out magically nice. Yeah....