Friday, May 09, 2008

Where I Pretend I Know How to Cook

Thank you for all your lovely potato recipes! I shall definitely be using some of them, if not all of them. I like to mix and match, when it comes to recipes.

For anyone who was curious, here is my super easy and super yummy twice baked potato recipe:

Serves 4

Total prep time (not counting baking the potatoes) about 15-20 minutes


4 medium-sized potatoes (this means NOT the Idaho spuds that could double as footballs. If you get those, you obviously need to up the other ingredients, as well.)

½ cup sour cream

2 Tablespoons cream cheese

3 Tablespoons softened butter

Some salt and pepper (it’s a matter of taste)

Grated cheddar, optional

Chives, optional

Wash and bake the potatoes. Don’t overbake. (Honestly, I cheat and do about 5 min/potato in the microwave. Since they go under the broiler later, they still get that oven-y goodness. If you do use the microwave, be sure to poke holes in the potatoes so they don’t explode. It’s a bitch to clean up… so I’ve heard.)

Heat oven to broil while you prepare the potatoes

Cut a hole at the top of each baked potato, and hollow them out like little canoes. Keep the walls thick enough so that the potato still retains its shape. (If you DO use the enormous spuds, I usually cut them in half, length-wise, instead of hollowing out a whole one. If you only use 2 potatoes, it’ll serve 4.)

Put all the insides into a large mixing bowl

Add sour cream, cream cheese, butter, and salt and pepper to bowl, blend thoroughly

Refill potato shells with mixture

Sprinkle grated cheddar and chives on the top, if you want. (It’s prettier, but doesn’t really change the taste that much.)

Lay potatoes on baking pan, and put directly under the broiler, for about 5-10 minutes until the cheese and potatoes develop little brown, toasty peaks. Watch carefully, it happens really fast.

Serve immediately

Now I’m off to buy some little red potatoes and sea salt.

Happy Friday, everyone!

P.S. Have any of you ever done a cleanse? Would you recommend it?


Marcia said...

Does this mean you're making my roasted potato salad?

Remember to cut all the potatoes the same size, or they won't cook evenly. But don't sweat over it.

And, um, I'm making those potatoes. And I'm adding an obscene amount of cheese.

Leah said...

I wouldn't recommend a cleanse, but that is just me. Your kidneys do lots of cleansing for you already.

Snark Scribe said...

Mmmm, exploded potato with cheese. I might have to try that.

Wickedly Scarlett said...

Oh my God, that sounds heavenly...

Diane said...

Ok, I bought Country Crock pre-made garlic mashed potatoes today . . .

M-M-M-Mishy said...

I've done a cleanse. I didnt notice much of a difference though. Instead, I drink water with lemons. The lemon acts as a natural cleanser.

Melissa said...

Your taters sound yummy. Although I disagree, the cheese on top is soooo not optional!

As for the cleanse I think they are just a lot of hype. Dr. Oz from the Oprah show says they don't really work. And if he said it on Oprah than it has to be true right!?!?

Anonymous said...

You could try for the next time this recipe. although it's for breakfast, I'm sure you can have them for lunch or dinner



John In Colorado said...

i've done a 14 day fasting cleanse thingy two times. won't ever do it again unless a really trusted doctor told me it would save my life. i lost weight but it came back. it was stupid and a pain in the butt. more than anything, it made me realize the insane eating habits i have and how much i crave food for no good reason.