Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Not Easy, Being Lilac

This weekend I took The Funasaurus tux-shopping, for the wedding. We had to make our reservation and pick out colors and styles. For any of the groomsmen who might read this blog (ha ha) you should know you have a good friend in The Funasaurus. I fought mightily for the lilac (read: shiny lavender) vests with a swirly flower pattern, but The Funasaurus adamantly vetoed those, despite how well they would have matched my sash.

He also vetoed the chocolate brown tuxes, opting for a more traditional black. Whatever. I thought that would have been pretty pimpin', but The Funasaurus, I found out, is fairly pimpin' adverse.

We also spent the better part of the weekend listening to the radio and mix CDs, trying to pick a first dance song. We have the same taste in china patterns (classic) and sofas (comfy) but when it comes to music our tastes diverge drastically. Mostly because I like good music, and he likes Journey.

We can agree on Bon Jovi, at least, (though I think it's pretty un-American to NOT like Bon Jovi, I'm pretty sure it's written into The Constitution somewhere) but as we listened to the lyrics of “Always”, we realized that “unrequited love” was not quite the theme we wanted to start our marriage off on.

Then, last night, “She Drives Me Crazy” came on the radio, and I jumped up all, “I have a version of this song sung by Kermit!” (Who is pretty much my hero. I grew up with the Muppets, and developed a rather strong attachment to the fuzzy green frog. Ask my roommate from college about the posters, collectors items, mouse pads, sippy straws, mugs, and.... better yet, don't. We've just started talking, again.) Having met The Funasaurus in college, he knows something of my affection for Kermit. So when I told him that it would be just so perfect and fitting for Kermit to sing our first dance song, he said, “That's fine, baby. If you want Kermit to sing our first dance song, then we can do it.”

And I began to get teary eyed, thinking of the perfectness of it all.

“I mean, it's not like people will laugh at us, or anything,” he added.

And he wonders why he didn't get any, last night.


Diane said...

Very funny! I imagine it's hard to come up with a first dance song that isn't sort of a cliche . . .

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Hahaha... Kermit singing "She Drives Me Crazy" could possibly be the best wedding moment ever. I mean, at least it's not Journey, right?

I love your wedding posts.

v said...

Hah, funny stuff. Hey, in the end the two of agreed on a wonderful first dance song and that's half the battle.

Go Joe!