Thursday, September 27, 2007

That's MRS. Funasaurus to You!

Hello, there! Sorry for the delay, I know I've been absent, again. But I went and got m'self hitched and was just a little distracted! It went amazingly well, I actually got to be a princess for a weekend and I ate up every second of it with a silver spoon.

The ceremony went really well, despite forcing all of my guests to sit through a little fall rain shower (read: torrential downpour) as I sat in my cozy little cabin, waiting for it to stop so that it wouldn't mess up my pretty updo. At one point the pastor came back and asked if perhaps it was time to move things inside, what with the thunderhead clouds rolling in, and I tried to look as serious as I possibly could as I pretended to ponder the decision before saying, “I think we should stay outside. I've always wanted an outdoor wedding.”

And that's the story of how I got my dream wedding and made all my friends hate me all at the same time.

We started off the morning at 7:00 AM at the salon (whoo hooo, my bridesmaids already hated me even before I made them go stand outside in the rain!) but we got the champagne flowing, so it softened the blow.

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The Funasaurus and I had an amazing time, circulating, drinking, dancing, and eating The Most Amazing Cake Ever.

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If I haven't already explained, The Funasaurus proposed by hiding my ring inside a copy of Pride & Prejudice. Only the most awesomest love story ever. And somehow we found a baker who was just open-minded enough (and talented!) to recreate the moment in a cake.

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Blow me, Carol Wilkens and anyone else who said my desserts weren't good enough to trade for in 2nd grade. You're sorry you didn't stay in touch now, aren't ya?

Photos courtesy of the lovely Mrs. Shooting Star, who not only doesn't hate me, but bought me and the bridesmaids bagels on the morning of the wedding. Many kisses to you!

The day was a success. I can't believe it's over, after all that planning. But thanks to everyone for their support, and Meno, here is our most bizarre wedding gift to date, that I thought you would appreciate as my cyber maid-of-honor.

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(It's a dragon rain-gutter-attachment-thing-y. Because my mom's friend was high when she went shopping for us. [Seriously.] And because nothing says, "Romance" like a ceremic reptile enema. Not that I'm complaining. It's awesome.)


hamiam said...

Awesome, awesome!!

LOVE the cake - that is so cool. And you guys are gorgeous!

The dragon-gutter? Freaking weird. Definitely an appropriate fit for "Most Bizarre Wedding Gift."

Congrats on your great day!

audrey said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And your cake is to die for. My sister in law would absolutely LOVE that proposal and the cake.

My wedding had a 20 minute rain delay, too, because I was determined to get married outside. And it ended up being absolutely perfect -- the sun came out from behind the clouds right when I walked down the aisle. Just goes to show that a little rain can actually made your wedding day even MORE perfect.

Congrats again!!

Angela said...

Oh, you look so, so gorgeous! Please tell me we'll get to see more pictures--I'm dying to see a full dress shot!

Your cake was so fabulous, and that dragon gutter spout is absolutely cracking me up! Can't wait to hear more about it--and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Lilycurly said...

Oh my God, princess, you are GORGEOUS! Seeing you on those photos made me realize that I never even knew how you looked!lol

Also, the cake is a piece of art. That carved watermelon should walk back to it's patch in shame.

I love the "chandelier" in the second picture's background...I imagine it to be some kind of branches thing with tiny lights? I've got that in my room, though much less elaborate. Very romantic.

Leah said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cake! And you look so beautiful! I CANNOT WAIT to hear more about it and see more pictures! Can you tell I am excited for you guys?????

Snark Scribe said...

Congratulations! The Jane Austen cake is fabulous beyond words.

Diane said...

Awesome cake! Beautiful dress! Lovely couple!


Erin said...

Congrats! Welcome to married life!

You look amazing...and that cake is just too cool for words!

meno said...

OMG! Congratulations! You are so cute. That cake is the best thing ever.

Almost as cool as the gargoyle rainspout thingie. Must have been some good shit she was on.

I still remember our most bizarre wedding present, 25 years later. We called it the ghastly plate, until it somehow got broken. Ooopsie!

Happy Wedding to you and all the best forever.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Ham- Thanks! And hope the little girl is feeling better!

Audrey- Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be a good luck thing, right? (Ha ha. You know whatever jerkface made THAT up had a rainstorm on HIS wedding day.) But cheers to having the sun come out at just the right moment!!

Angela- more pictures coming soon. :-) How are your plans coming along?

Lily Curly- Thanks! And it's actually not a chandelier, so much as fake cherry blossoms wrapped in little Christmas lights handing down from the ceiling. The effect is a little cheesy, but overall, romantic. :-) I'll try and get a better picture up.

Leah- What's your schedule like, these days??? Hope to see you soon!

Snark- Glad you approve. We thought it was pretty kick-ass, ourselves.

Diane- You are very sweet.

Erin- Thanks, PhotoShop does wonders. ;-)

Meno- HA! Do you have any pictures of the ghastly plate? Because I took a crapload of the gargoyle. It's too funny not to inflict upon other people who can't see it in person!

Kanigget said...

CONGRATS!!! And I love that cake! It's fantastic.

Plus, I find myself strangely envious of your dragon rain spout. I don't know why.

Pauline said...

congratulations! You're right, awesome cake, awesome couple! Thank you for sharing!

meno said...

Sweetie, it was 25 years ago, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and digital cameras were not invented.

It was this sort of ripply glass clear plate with other glass, all the colors of various algae, melted into in. Ugh.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

That cake is so well done. I think I might have second thoughts about cutting into it. You know, for about two seconds until I remembered that it was cake.

Congratulations to you and the Funasaurus! I wish you guys and your new reptilian edition to your family many happy years together.