Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Halloween was awesome this year. Miss Thang kind of understood about pumpkins and costumes and GETTING CANDY. I figured we'd hit a couple neighbors, she'd think it was interesting, then we'd come home and have some wine with the grandparents who were obligingly mulling some cheap red while we trick-or-treated. I underestimated Miss Thang's enthusiasm. We hit the whole neighborhood, "More trick-or-treat, o.k.?!" Ok, sweet baby. But hustle. Mommy's treat is cooling off rapidly back at home.

We came home and let her go nuts, which is to say she consumed a Kit-Kat, two Reeses cups, and a blue lollipop, which was the highlight. She was totally overstimulated and crazy on the sugar, but that's what Halloween is about, right? Excessive indulgence in high fructose corn syrup. (Until I read this. This made me sad. I will attempt my fair-trade part next year. sigh.)

Miss Thang eventually went to bed (with a neon blue tongue) and I finished off my wine. Miss Thang woke up promptly at 6:0-something this morning, demanding candy. Then had a full-on temper tantrum when I told her no. Seriously made me consider having a similar fit for some of my wine. Then I realized perhaps we were both bordering on an unhealthy habit as it was not even yet light out, let alone 5:00 somewhere. So we had yogurt and french toast and went out for a play date, where we both acted like we were hungover. So I took us to Target and got us both sunglasses. We be hip, though we be cranky.

I'm headed to Albuquerque this weekend to see a good friend and her new baby...all by myself. The Funasaurus will be spending his first weekend alone with Miss Thang. I think we are all ready. I will warn him not to give her (much) candy, and I feel he will be more or less prepared.

Happy November, blog world.

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Angela Noelle said...

Haha! I love that you went for sunglasses to soothe your hungover selves ;) Have fun in Albuquerque! (Omg, I spelled that right on my first try!)