Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why Don't I Just Go to Bed? I Haz Important Schtuff to Sayz! (Not Really.)


Getting the first snow of the season here, and Facebook can't shut up about it. Seriously, it's mid-October. This is not unusual, but anyone who lives anywhere near here must post something pertaining to the weather. I realize that, despite avoiding Facebook, I am now just as guilty for posting something on my blog.

Hey world, you already know this, but it's snowing in Colorado! Still! As predicted! Foretold, and continuing to be told via any social network you should choose to subscribe to, plus weather.com. I just don't want it to go crazy until The Funasaurus gets home.

* * * * *

I have discovered Pinterest. Fuck me now, I did not need another way to kill time on the internets. I'm so addicted.

* * * * *

Little child-interaction tip from me to you, if a parent (say, me) asks their child (say, Miss Thang) something asinine like "What sound does a train make?" do not jump in and say, "CHOO-CHOO! Miss Thang, does a train say choo-choo?" Uh, yes. Thanks. I'm so glad YOU know what sound a train makes. That's exactly why I asked. And the reason Miss Thang is now staring at you blankly is because she knows that you have already answered the question. There is no reason for her to go on with this silly trick.

This kind of thing happens more regularly than you'd think. Give a parent a little credit, odds are good we're not going to ask our kid a question like that if we aren't fairly certain they'll be able to answer correctly. We tend to like to make our kids look good. We also expect that you, as kind-of well-adjusted adult already know the answer to such a thing.

* * * * *

Enough snark. Most people are lovely to my lovely child and all is well. Also, I sleep a little more these days, so = happy, except I would sleep a lot more if it weren't for Pinterest. Darn you, brilliant, brilliant web of everything mind-numbing thing I could ever want to look at. So pretty it makes the minutes on the clock tick by magically fast.

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Angela Noelle said...

Hahaha! I'm getting the biggest giggle imagining a grown adult proudly shouting out "CHOO CHOO!!" Seriously, people can be so dumb. And yeah, Pinterest is AMAZING. I'll have to look for you over there!