Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Speedy Summer

The move is looking more and more official, which is both awesome and completely overwhelming. I do not care to pack while I am pregnant. Come to think of it, I do not care to pack even when I am not pregnant. Pregnancy is just an awesome excuse for everything. Fortunately, though, once our massive amounts of crap are collected into boxes, those boxes can go into our new basement (WHOOHOO) and stay there, unpacked, forevermore, should I so chose. Or should apathy so chose. Whichever.

I am so excited for a basement I cannot even tell you. The views of the mountains and two sinks in the bathroom are also very awesome.

Yesterday I got to go to the doctor and drink what basically tasted like the syrup form of Tang to test my body to see how well it could process sugar, and thus see if I was at risk for diabetes. Happily, my body processed it fine. At least my pancreas did. The sugar kind of went to my head and I got wretchedly light-headed, so I got to spend a pleasant forty minutes resting horizontally on a little table in a doctor’s exam room, trying not to faint. Just how I like to spend MY Monday mornings. But, as I said, no sign of diabetes, so I had an ice cream sundae to celebrate last night.

Tatum has become disgruntled as the amount of space on my lap seems to be dwindling, though that doesn’t stop him from still trying to sleep there. Today he got a kick in the face through my stomach, which woke him up. While it wasn’t that much force, (I’m not sure he bothered to open his eyes completely) I was kind of excited. Get him, little girl! He plans on chewing on you when you get here, so I say it’s never too early to learn to kick him in the face.

Otherwise, life is much the same as usual. The Funasaurus is playing a lot of volleyball, Sugar is too good for the rest of us, and the liquor store seems to be managing to stay open, even without my weekly withdrawals of chardonnay. Now if the tornado sirens would just stay off for a couple of days….


Angela Noelle said...

Sounds like life is moving along at a pretty rapid pace!! Good luck with the moving process and soon you and Chardonnay will be reunited :)

meno said...

I remember doing that glucose test. Some things never change.

What is it about pregnancy that makes the men want to move?

Cate Subrosa said...

We just moved last weekend (into my mother-in-law's... long story) and I can confirm that it is no fun pregnant! And we have to face doing it again in a few weeks. I'm 33 weeks now so it's starting to get a bit crazy. Anyway, my advice would be to get packing/moving as soon as you can (if it's in your control!) and also to get people in to help you if you need to clean the old place before you go. I did it myself and am still exhausted from it 5 days later.

Good luck!

Lily said...

Cool! We're moving together!:)
I need to have all my boxes packed by Saturday and it's getting overwhelming.
You forget how many useless stuff you have until you need to find enough boxes to move them huh?
I'm on the verge of despair...and I'm not even pregnant...

Shooting Star said...

Hmm, now I am really intrigued. You must tell me all the details soon! ;)

Leah said...

Noooooo, don't leave us!!! But I must say, I would be pretty excited about a basement. That is one thing we are lacking--it would be so nice to stick stuff down there and forget about it. If you have to move, let me know how I can help. I mean it!!