Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting Fatter and Sleepier

If I owe you an email or a phone call or a kick in the pants and have neglected to do so over the past two weeks, I am sorry. I had great intentions to get back on the blogging train with more regularity once the pregnancy was public knowledge, but my work had other ideas. Ideas which have kept me up until 2:00 AM, burning comma-shaped holes in my eyeballs and making me deliriously mourn the days of hour-long naps. On the plus side, I do feel more productive than I’ve felt in a while!

I do not feel that pregnancy is a valid excuse to buzz off early, after I discovered that my boss was conducting a conference call while hemorrhaging. As in, losing massive amounts of blood whilst navigating the temperamental world of WebEx. She claims she has not yet had time to go to the doctor. I claim I could not make this shit up if I tried.

Were that not enough, The Funasaurus also got a bee in his very expensive bonnet and we’ve been in the process of refinancing our house and/or deciding whether to up and move to a bigger house before the baby’s born. As in, you know, the next two and a half months. Because we don’t have enough going on, already. We’ll have extra money to pay for this move because babies don’t cost anything and we get lots back in taxes, right? Right? Hello?

Completely unrelated, I am terribly flattered that has singled me out as their latest target market worthy of unreasonable amounts of spam, but I feel I must warn them that their marketing research did a terrible job. If you do not come bearing cookies & cream ice cream I have no passion for you.

And if I have not already told you, I am spending my days enjoying my last bits of solitary princess-dom, occasionally sharing with Sugar. There is a new princess on the way, the ultrasound did show girl parts, and I am getting the impression that she will be getting more royal treatment than I will. Le sigh. I am not sure I am ready for the Queen Mother title. I don’t really want to wear those kinds of hats.


Linds said...

A girl! Squee! I am so excited for you... Where are you thinking of moving?

Lily said...

It's a girl!!! So cool! I'm way jealous!
Did you say you had a name in mind?

Ramblin' Red said...

Your boss is crazy.

So is your husband.

And you will be crazy for your new princess. And who says you have to be the queen mother? Your mom can wear those hats while you hold on to your princess title!

meno said...

Yay! A girl! They're the best. So are boys, of course.

Pauline said...

you could set a new hat style...

can't wait to hear how you like being a mother!

Shooting Star said...

don't forget: queens also wear *crowns*! ;)

Christie said...

Just so you are prepared, you cease to exist once you have a daughter. At least I did. My mother buys my daughter 1 hundred outfits a month and I get a phone call. To come pick them up. Nice.

Congrats on the girl. It's truly like having your own doll. I dressed Kenzie up in new outfits on the hour. Who am I kidding, I still dress her up on the hour, and she's almost 6.