Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I Guess It Rains Popcorn in Aaaaaaafricaaaaaaaa

The problem with a) being sick and b) having crappy weather is that I don’t leave the house much these days. Around 1:00 today I finally broke and went to Panera for a quick soup in a bread bowl, just to see some people. I don’t think the people were very excited that I proceeded to hack all over their restaurant because the cold aggravated the tickle in my throat. But the soup was good and I got to pretend like I was a member of society for about ten minutes.

Tatum and Sugar, on the other hand, love the sickness and the cold. Because they don’t get sick or cold, what with different immune systems and a cozy little house that I have kept at a balmy 72 degrees recently. They just get a very lethargic Me, who is willing to take naps with them just about daily. Of course, napping is not great for my work schedule, and has thus led to a couple of late nights as I scramble to not fall too far behind on work projects. Which only leads to more napping the following day. It’s a bad cycle. For me. For Tatum and Sugar it’s a very awesome cycle.

In other news, a good friend who just got back from Egypt sent me a lovely Ankh pendant from somewhere near the pyramids. I have always had a thing for Egypt. (Could any country be more the opposite of Norway?) When I was very young, I obsessed about Cleopatra and King Tutankhamen, and in grade school I decided I wanted to be an Egyptologist and go about digging up pyramids in the desert. I practiced my archaeological skeelz in the schoolyard and found some burnt bits of corn. At the time I supposed there had been a large popcorn party or something, and those were the remnants that had been microwaved too long. In actuality, I think I learned later it had been a corn field that had been burned down and covered in asphalt to make the playground. I think a massive, field-sized popcorn party is a better story, but I digress. I am very excited about my new little pendant, and I need to find a silver chain to put it on so I can wear it as a necklace. Anyone have a good suggestion as to where to buy a silver chain?


Anonymous said...
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meno said...

I saw King Tut when he was last in town, although he didn't have much to say.

Anonymous said...
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Ramblin' Red said...

Oooh that biatch spammer hit my site too.

As for where to buy a silver chain - I've got the place for you! Visit my lia sophia site and let me know if either of these would work for you.

Nick, Holly and Maren said...

I had to find a silver chain for my Coptic cross necklace, and what I did was just buy a necklace at target that I could get the pendant off of, and used it. It was waaaay cheaper than buying just the chain somewhere.

Diane said...

ebay or!

I love all things Egypt too. Went to a cool exhibit a few years ago at the Met in NYC . . . picked up the coolest mug, but alas, it later broke.