Friday, April 17, 2009


Hi, I’m still alive. (barely.) Life has been a weird combination of boring and busy. Busy as in, I feel like I don’t have any free time any more, boring as in I’ve been doing absolutely nothing with all that time that’s worthy of a blog entry.

On Monday I had this bizarrely realistic dream, wherein I was driving a friend’s stuff across the country. The “stuff” included one dog and one full-sized alligator in their respective crates. I was not happy about being roped into this task, and at one point in California I got out of the car in a parking lot to take a little break and let the animals out. I was drinking out of a water bottle and looked over at the alligator and thought to myself, “Don’t they usually live in the water? I bet the poor guy’s thirsty.” So I poured a little water into his mouth, and he seemed to like it. And I remember having the distinct thought, “Well, at least THIS’LL make a good blog entry!” as I gave an alligator little sips of water from a water bottle in a parking lot in California.

Then I woke up and briefly pondered writing that blog post, but then quickly deemed it Too Lame because, hello, it’s a dream, and went on waiting for something better to happen. Clearly, my week has not gotten more exciting, so you get the dream. Happy Friday.

I worked a convention downtown two days this week, and while it is very exciting for someone who normally works from home to see: People! Coworkers! Clothes that are not pajamas! It is also very hard for that person to get up early enough to be completely showered and dressed and make-upped in time to DRIVE somewhere to begin their workday. How did I ever used to do that on a regular basis? How do you people do it? Two days later I am exhausted and still wearing pajamas at 11:00 AM.

In less-pitiful sounding news, it is snowing here AGAIN, and really, when we’re halfway to May, I have to ask, what’s the point? I am not skiing this weekend, and half of everyone I know is flying in or out of Denver today, and it’s really all quite inconvenient. Happily, I only have to run to the grocery store and am comfortable driving in the snow (should it ever start accumulating on the roads) but I have now added Emergen-C to the grocery list, gearing our immune systems up for the battle that I know is to come with the pending 70-degree weather.

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meno said...

Writing sbout an alligator should be a snap.

*snort* At least i amuse myself.