Sunday, March 08, 2009

Who Have We Become?

I spent Saturday scrapbooking and playing cards with my mother because I’m apparently skipping my young adult life and jumping straight into middle age. Today I drowned the loss of my youth in cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory with a girlfriend, and felt oddly happy about the whole thing…there wasn’t even any wine.

Shit, supposedly I’m not even thirty for another month.

I am, quite seriously, contemplating a nose ring. I feel as though working from home would allow me the flexibility to experiment with this typically questionable workspace-appropriate form of self-mutilation. I’m thinking a little blue sparkle above my right nostril. Something a little more permanent than the aftermath of sniffing my blueberry scented glitter pen. (As unintentionally effective as that is.)

I am also feeling robbed of an hour of my weekend with this whole spring forward B.S. Why can’t they ever do it at, like, 4:00 on a Monday afternoon? Because then it would *POOF* magically be time for happy hour! That would be ideal. I shall put a letter to Mr. Obama on my to-do list, as I’m sure the nuances of daylight savings time comes a close second to our tailspinning economy on his list of priorities.

In other less-exciting (to me) news, The Funasaurus beat his post-apocalyptic game tonight, wherein he has spent the last many nights and weekends of 2009 attempting to liquefy half-naked people wielding small knives with his super-soaker-esque automatic weapons and heavy artillery. I did not…approve, although it seems to make him quite happy, and he’s still trying to convince me they were out to kill him. He told me he saved some children somewhere along the way, so I let him continue to play. The win was bittersweet, though, as somewhere in the excitement and remote-hurling the sound function was lost on his Playstation, and so the ending came in silence, and if there was a song of victory, he missed it. I would ask for a moment of silence for his loss, but I think The Funasaurus is OVER silence, and is looking for some action-packed soundtrack music, already.

Baby, this one’s for you.

You really should read my blog more often.


Cate Subrosa said...

Moving daylight savings to 4pm on Monday is the best idea I have ever heard. You're a genius.

meno said...

I think a nose ring would be perfect! Go for it!

Next up for you, BINGO!

Nick, Holly and Maren said...

I have had the same thought about the nose ring - this girl in my choir has one and it looks so cool - but I don't think I could pull it off. So go for it! let me live vicariously thru you :-)

Linds said...

I am a big fan of nose piercings! I secretly like to think that my clients admire my nose ring... Or something. But anyways, I haven't regretted it one bit.

Linds said...

p.s. in India, women pierce their left nostril because it helps with fertility and ease in childbirth.

Christie said...

I have found that The Cheesecake Factory can, in fact, lift my spirits better than anything. And it's much cheaper than antidepressants.

Diane said...

Here's another reason why a nose ring is groovy. If you tire of it, who's really going to notice the teensy tiny scar it might leave? No one is who. So it's a risk free fling.