Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why I Love the Internets

If you like to watch good commercials:

If you are a word nerd:
(There was a stiricide incident on a recent episode of the office. I just had no idea there was a name for it!)

Mostly I love this site for their usage of the words in a sentence.

Perantique: adj. very old or ancient
ex. Your momma is so perantqiue, she knew Burger King when he was just a Burger Price.

HA! So. Awesome.

If you are looking for more koalas and or news-ish stories, (although this one made me cry):

Um. That’s it. I thought I had more, but I am still weepy over the little thirsty koala. Also, I can't shake this cold, and am kind of digging day 12 of the Dayquil. It just gets better and better.


Pauline said...

buy stock in Dayquill and keep the good news coming

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I am a quintessential word nerd...

Diane said...

Oh lordy. I can use perantique in a brief I'm writing